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APNIC Status Report RIPE46 1-5 September, 2003 Amsterdam.

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1 APNIC Status Report RIPE46 1-5 September, 2003 Amsterdam

2 Total APNIC Membership 2002: 68 2001: 97 2000: 206 1999: 147 2003: 59 1998: 49

3 APNIC Secretariat Staff 2002: 4 2001: 7 2000: 11 1999:3 2003: 4

4 New arrivals… Born during APNIC16! Member Services Communications

5 16 th APNIC Open Policy Meeting 19 th – 22 nd August, Seoul, Korea Held in conjunction with Korea Internet Operations Workshop (KIOW) Big banners!

6 APNIC16 – Policy Update Consensus points only –Subject to 2 months ‘comment period’ on the ML after OPM and final endorsement from the EC Prop-001-v001: Revised policy development process –Text proposal on ML 1 month before meeting –‘Comment period’ on ML 2 months after meeting –Final endorsement from EC Prop-002-v001: Revised editorial policy –Simplified to work with outcomes of SIGs etc Prop-008-v001: IANA IPv4 resource request procedures

7 Policy Update from APNIC16.. Prop-005-v001: RIPE-261 follow up –Practice of sparse allocations (for APNIC) –Regional allocations –Larger allocation size from IANA Size /8 or /12 needs further discussion Prop-006-v001: Historical resource transfers –Allows transfers from ‘historical’ to ‘current’ status –Recipient must be an APNIC member –Address space subject to current policy framework Prop-011-v001: Revised IXP assignment policy –Definition amended, restriction on routing lifted –Further discussion required for remainder of proposal

8 Policy Update from APNIC16 Database SIG –Prop-007-v001: Privacy of customer assignment records –Prop-010-v001: Protecting resource records in APNIC whois database DNS SIG –Prop-007-v001: Revised lame delegation cleanup Informational only –Create a guidelines document to explain existing IPv6 policy

9 Member Services Helpdesk –Phone hotline - increasing use –Presence at APNIC and other meetings Response time –One day turnaround time on all requests “Corporate contact” project –Member contact details update Exchange and training visits –Toshihiro Hosaka: JPNIC, Adi Kusuma: APJII, Kien Tran: VNNIC

10 Technical Services Anycast mirror servers –Agreement with “F” (ISC) –HK, KR live, CN installed but not yet operational –More sites (3+) under discussion Database cleanup –Unreferenced and unprotected objects Internal systems –Ticketing system improvements –Meeting management redesign Including APRICOT support MyAPNIC secure LIR portal –Version 1.2 launched August

11 Training Updated Training courses –Internet Resource Management I –Internet Resource Management II –DNS, Routing Registry Collaborations –Trial of on-line video delivery with SOI-Asia, JP Training administration –Outsource contract with AIT, TH 2003 training –13 so far this year –Another 14 by the end of the year

12 Outreach – Sub Regional Sub-regional liaison officers –Pacific: Savenaca Vocea –South Asia: recruitment underway Memorandum of Understanding –Pacific Islands Telecommunications Association (PITA) –South Asia Network Operations Group (SANOG)

13 Meetings – Fellowship fund First at APNIC16 –12 APNIC fellows supported Sponsorship contribution –15% of sponsorships –USD $7,000 World Bank infoDev program –infoDev Conference Scholarship Fund (iCSF) –USD $15,000 grant

14 Next Meeting – KL, Malaysia APNIC17 in conjunction with APRICOT –February 18-27, 2004

15 Where *are* Those IP Addresses?

16 Questions?

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