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10th Anniversary Celebration 1994-2004 Milestones.

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1 10th Anniversary Celebration 1994-2004 Milestones

2 Association of Accrediting Agencies of Canada November – December 1994 AAAC Established after May 1994 Trilateral conference in Cancun on Harmonization of Standards and Mobility as forum for networking and exchange Founding Organizations ACMC – Medicine CAUSN – Nursing CAOT – Occupational Therapy CPT – Physiotherapy CCPE – Engineering CACB – Architecture

3 Association of Accrediting Agencies of Canada Founding/Early Members Engineering CCPE Architecture CACB Don LaPlante Guillaume Savard Wendy Ryan Nursing CASN Occupational Therapy CAOT Wendy McBride Liz Taylo Donna Klaiman PhysioTherapy CPA Medicine ACMC Brenda Myers Dr. Harvey Barkun Diane Parker Taillon Canadian Information Centre on International Credentials Nicole DAvignon

4 Association of Accrediting Agencies of Canada 1995 Round table discussions/presentations on accreditation process of each member Trilateral reports and presentations on activities/relationships between each Canadian accrediting agency and USA and Mexico February - draft mission and objectives

5 Association of Accrediting Agencies of Canada 1996 Approved mission and objectives of AAAC Membership fee $500 approved Created home page for AAAC on another organizations website AAAC members presented at conferences: - Partners for Prosperity (Trilateral, Guadalajara) -Trade Agreements, Higher Education and Emergence of Global Professions: The Quality Dimension (Centre for Quality Assurance in Higher Education, Washington) - Internationalization: Moving from Rhetoric to Reality (AUCC, Ottawa)

6 Association of Accrediting Agencies of Canada 1996 cont. Membership survey on Key elements of Canadian Accreditation Processes Links to foreign accrediting bodies - Attendance at American Specialized and Professional Accreditors meeting (ASPA, Chicago and Florida) Development of links with ASPA and exchange of information

7 Association of Accrediting Agencies of Canada 1997 Annual budget and business plan developed ACCC Hosted an international Conference on quality assurance for Centre for Quality Assurance in Higher Education. Conference Title: Trade Agreements, Higher Education and the Globalization of the Professions: A multi national Discourse on Quality Assurance and Competency (May, Montreal) ASPA Chair, Carol Bobby Presented at AAAC conference

8 Association of Accrediting Agencies of Canada 1997 Cont. Links to UNESCO via Centre on International Credentials (CICIC) Guest speakers (on international quality and higher education) - D. Hollweck on FITT Skills Program AAAC home page expanded to three languages (English, French and Spanish) Guest speakers - L. Arany, Industry Canada, on National Sector Teams - K. McBride, AUCC on Internationalization Conference and invitation to AAAC to hold symposium

9 Association of Accrediting Agencies of Canada 1997 cont. AAAC brochure developed in English, French and Spanish Draft of AAAC guidelines for Accrediting Agencies based on ASPA Member Code of Good Practice AAAC registered on Standards Council of Canada Web site

10 Association of Accrediting Agencies of Canada Welcome The Association of Accrediting Agencies of Canada in a newly formed national organization. We invite you to find out more about us by reading this brochure and contacting us at the address on the back page. Mission To ensure the highest quality education of professionals, the Association of Accrediting Agencies of Canada pursues excellence in standards and processes of accreditation. Benefits Access to a unique forum for the discussion of accreditation and related areas Annual Conference featuring national and international guest speakers at special member prices Access to a unique database of information on accreditation and evaluation Identification on the AAAC Web site Representation at the federal level Access to national and international reports and documents dealing with new developments in the area of accreditation Access to related organizations and events through AAACs international contacts

11 Association of Accrediting Agencies of Canada Bienvenue LAssociation des agences dagrément du Canada est une nouvelle organization nationale. Nous vous invitons à lire la présente brochure pour faire notre Connaissance et à vous mettre en rapport avec nous à ladresse indiquée en dernière page. Mission Pour garantir une formation professionnelle de la plus haute qualité, lAssociation des agences dagrément du Canada recherche lexcellence au niveau des normes et des procédures dagrément. Avantages Accès à une tribure unique pour discuter des questions dagréments et des dossiers qui sy rattachent Congrès annuel auxquels sont invités des conférenciers canadiens et étrangers et auxquels les membres peuvent assister à prix réduit Accès à une banque de données unique sur lagrément et lévaluaton Identification sur le site Web de LAAAC Représentation au niveau fédéral Accès à des rapports et documents nationaux et internationaux traitant des nouveaux dévelopment dans le domaine de lagrément Accès à des organisations apparentées et à des rencontres intéressantes grâce au réseau international de contacts de lAAAC

12 Association of Accrediting Agencies of Canada 1998 Guest speakers - C. Brimley, CCTT, on overview of Canada Technology Accredited Board - J. Cassie, RCPSC, on Criteria for an Acceptable Accreditation System

13 Association of Accrediting Agencies of Canada 1998 AAAC members attended and presented at conferences - 6th Annual International Conference of CQAIE (Washington) - Minister for International Trade: Round table on Education Marketing (Toronto) - J. Robert, Government of Quebec and L. Longbell, ICES and K. Morrow, IQAS on International Assessment Services Organizations Draft of AAAC by laws

14 Association of Accrediting Agencies of Canada 1999 Incorporation of AAAC constitution and bylaws Guest speakers - E. Heideman, CCHSA, on accreditation of health services and facilities and international activities - D. Smith, J-F Bergeron, DFAIT, on Education marketing strategy and International Perspective

15 1999 cont. Independent website for AAAC - J. Coleman, AUCC, on Internationalization of Education - G. Savard, CACB, on Reciprocity and the Role of Accreditation AAAC represented on DFAIT Trilateral Working Group and attended meetings in EL Paso and San Diego Association of Accrediting Agencies of Canada

16 2000 Liability insurance acquired for AAAC directors and officers First formal elections under the constitution (November 27) Guest Speakers - J-F. Begeron, DFAIT, Trilateral Initiatives - C. Mario Comeau, CCHSA, International Organizations and Quality Assurance - P. Brennan, ACCC, Perspective and Policies on Quality Assurance in Internationalization Association of Accrediting Agencies of Canada

17 2001 AAAC members presented at conferences - Prior learning Assessment and Recognition Conference (Halifax) - Globalization and the 21st Century Conference (San Diego) - Council for Higher Education Assurance (CHEA, New Orleans) - Net work of Regulatory Agencies (NORA, Ottawa) - Coalition of Regulatory Related Agencies (CORA, Ottawa)

18 Association of Accrediting Agencies of Canada 2001 Letter to D. Cunningham, Minister of Ontario Training Colleges and Universities on role of Accreditation vis-à-vis quality assessment of private college programs Continued involvement on Trilateral Work Group Representation on External Review Committee for Canada – European Community Program for Cooperation in Higher Education and Triage at the Program for North American Mobility Workshop on Terminology (for CICIC guide to terminology)

19 Association of Accrediting Agencies of Canada 2002 Protocol agreement between ASPA and AAAC Protocol agreement between AAAC and CONAHEC (Consortium of North American Higher Education Collaboration) Discussions initiated between AAAC and the Learning Library for an on line generic training module for surveyors/reviewers Invited Speaker - D. Baker, Ontario Post Secondary Education – Quality Assessment Board

20 Association of Accrediting Agencies of Canada 2002 cont. Two page profiles developed on each AAAC member organization First internal audit of financial statements Update of Web site (English and French only) Workshop on Accreditation and Outcomes Based Assessment (CPT) Policy on membership: executive committee to review and make recommendations to members on application for new membership – and new members will make presentation to members at a meeting

21 Association of Accrediting Agencies of Canada 2003 - 2004 Development of on-line training modules for site visitors Round Table discussions List serve member surveys Membership increased to 22 10 th Anniversary Celebration

22 Chairs/Co-ChairsTreasurersSecretaries/Administrators Guillaume Savard 1995 Wendy McBride 1995-1996 Diane Parker Taillon 1995 Wendy McBride 1996 - 1999 Sharon Fotheringham 1997 - 2001 Wendy Ryan Bacon 1997 Donna Klaiman 1996 - 1999 Lorne Riley 2002 - 2004 Donna Klaiman 1998 – 1999 January Association of Accrediting Agencies of Canada History of Executives of AAAC

23 Association of Accrediting Agencies of Canada Chairs/Co-ChairsTreasurersSecretaries/Administrators Georges Lozano 1997 - 1998 Guillaume Savard 1999 August - November Dave Bennett 1999 - 2001 Stephanie Awrence 2000 - 2001 Deborah Wolfe 2002 - 2003 Michele Oberoi 2002 – 2004 June History of Executives of AAAC Cathryn Beggs 2002 - 2004 Bob Cross & Jackie Budd 2004 June

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