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CSIR Defence, Peace, Safety and Security (CSIR DPSS)

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1 CSIR Defence, Peace, Safety and Security (CSIR DPSS)
A presentation to the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Defence March 2007

2 Contents The CSIR’s mandate and role as science council.
The CSIR in defence, peace, safety & security. Some outputs and examples of impact. Main challenges in achieving strategic objectives. Towards a National Defence and Evaluation Research Institute (DERI). © CSIR

3 The CSIR Mandate “The objects of the CSIR are, through directed and particularly multidisciplinary research and technological innovation, to foster, in the national interest and in fields which in its opinion should receive preference, industrial and scientific development, either by itself or in co-operation with principals from the private or public sectors, and thereby to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of the people of the Republic, and to perform any other functions that may be assigned to the CSIR by or under this Act.” (Scientific Research Council Act 46 of 1988, amended by Act 71 of 1990) © CSIR

4 From: ‘The CSIR returns to its key function: Directed Research’ – Dr Sibusiso Sibisi, November 2005
Core Purpose: Shaping the future through science and technology. Research and development for the benefit of the country, including in sectors where there is currently no industry in this country. The CSIR is concerned with the innovation chain. We are not seeking to answer fundamental scientific questions – we are trying to answer scientific questions that affect the country’s socio-economic well being. In everything we do we seek to use science and technology to benefit society, the country, our region and the continent and, where appropriate generate income from our activities. We are not disengaging from any area of research, but the choices we make concerning R&D will be influenced by the wider national R&D agenda. © CSIR

5 CSIR Board: Chairperson and President/CEO
Dr Sibusiso Sibisi Ms Nobusi Shikwane © CSIR

6 Role of Science Councils
Universities Research questions Technology demonstrators Funding Papers Students Science Council Government Department Science & Technology Experienced people Strategic direction National Responsibility Industry Products Services Smart User, Smart Buyer, Smart Decisions Experimentation in Applications Domain Advanced Training Strategic direction © CSIR

7 Diagram of CSIR showing Units and Centres
Strategy and Leadership layer CSIR Executive Board Executive Management CSIR Operating Units Defence, Peace, Safety and Security Built Environment Biosciences Materials, Science and Manufacturing Natural Resources and the Environment National Research Centres Meraka Institute National Laser Centre National Metrology Laboratory Satellite Applications Centre © CSIR

8 CSIR Defence, Peace, Safety and Security (CSIR DPSS)

9 DPSS Vision ‘To contribute, through scientific and technological excellence, to the achievement of a peaceful and safe South Africa, SADC and continent’ © CSIR

10 DPSS Mission To contribute to an improved understanding of crime, violence and conflict and the development of innovative and effective Science and Technology solutions. To be the ‘in-house’ Science and Technology capability of key state departments and agencies in defence, peace, security and safety. To partner with the local defence and aerospace industry to improve strategic national industrial capabilities and international competitiveness. To collaborate and undertake joint projects with selected international and local organisations and laboratories. To contribute to national Science, Engineering and Technology themes, industry development initiatives and Human Capital Development objectives. To develop and maintain strategic national research capabilities, facilities and infrastructure. © CSIR

The Defence, Peace, Safety & Security Domain STAKEHOLDER/ OWNER NATIONAL OBJECTIVE NATIONAL ROLE DISTINCTIVE CONTRIBUTION DOD 1) Appropriate and Ready Defence Capabilities 2) Peace, Security and Stability in Region and Continent 3) Support the people of South Africa Defence Evaluation and Research Institute (DERI). Provide a Ready Technology Base Provide Smart Decision Maker support Provide Smart Buyer support Provide Smart User support Ensure Strategic independence in identified areas DST 1) Implementation of National R&D strategy 2) Contributing to National System of Innovation National Science and Technology Institution Source of innovative technologies Custodian of identified national competences Contributor to National Human Capital Development Contributor to national themes and missions such as space Defence & Aerospace Industry Internationally competitive and sustainable Defence and Aerospace industry Next generation technologies, Specialised test & evaluation facilities Research Next generation product technologies, Technology development and transfer, Test, Measurement & Analysis DSS, DOJCD, DPLG, DCS, DSD Fighting crime and contributing to a safer environment DERI-like capability in safety & security Systemic approach to and understanding of crime fighting Smart buyer support Smart user support Smart decision maker support © CSIR

12 CSIR DPSS SET base Offerings User Needs Key solutions Platform
Safe & effective operations Protection of people and platforms Protection against cybernetics threats Acceptance and operationalisation of new equipment Prevent and combat crime Competitive aerospace and defence industry Offerings Support acquisition of high technology equipment. Support operation of high technology equipment. User capability building. Independent scientific advice. Solutions to operational problems. A SET support base for national priority crimes. A systemic understanding of conflict and crime and ability to focus resources. Generation of new knowledge and insights Development and maintenance of nationally strategic and ready technology bases Problem Solving Decision Support Capability Building Operational Support Technology demonstration and validation Key solutions Strategic RDT&E capabilities to support innovation and industrial growth. CSIR DPSS SET base Platform Radar & Electronic Warfare Aeronautics Systems Crime prevention Special operations support Systems and field test, measurement and evaluation SET capabilities Optronic Sensor Systems Systems modelling Crime combating Landwards Sciences RF design and analysis High speed digital electronic design Signal processing and analysis Optical design Systems engineering Modelling and simulation Software development Explosive event characterisation and effects Specialised equipment and prototyping for situational awareness, mobility and sustainment Experimental aerodynamics Computational Flow dynamics Aerostructure testing and analysis Sensors, detection & countermeasures Crime Prevention Research Elements of C4I2RS Technology strategy and management Cyber security Systems science Base SET Knowledge Range of wind tunnels Explosive test range & test equipment Mobile radar and optronics laboratories Optical labs Motion simulators Mobile multi-spectral photometers Computer clusters Cyber security labs Software models and tools HIL simulators Mechanical and electronic labs and workshops CNC machines Processes and practices Ground vibration test facility Infra-structure © CSIR

13 Funding Sources © CSIR

14 Outputs and Impact Impartial, knowledgeable advice to support decision making Measurement and analysis of the behaviour of complex defence systems Scientific approach to problem solving and analysis of intractable and persistent problems Interpretation of international technology trends in terms of local requirements and application environments Science, Engineering and Technology capabilities in areas of strategic importance Rapid, customised and confidential solutions to problems © CSIR

15 Main Challenges in achieving strategic objectives
Severe shortage of black engineers (and to some extent female engineers). Retaining the experts and key people. Financial resources and availability of young graduates to grow a new generation of scientists and engineers understanding complex defence systems. Establishing an environment that will support growth of the key and critical science and technology–based skills required to support the functioning of our defence system. Maintaining key test, measurement and evaluation facilities. Bridging the technology chasm – resources for funding technology demonstrators. © CSIR

16 CSIR DPSS as a National Defence Evaluation and Research Institute (DERI)

17 From the White Paper on Defence Related Industries - 1999
Identifies the concept of a Defence Evaluation and Research Institute (DERI) for retaining and developing strategic capabilities that are of importance to the DoD. The primary functions of such a DERI would be to support the DoD in being an informed or smart buyer and user of equipment and in providing independence in technology areas of strategic importance. This would follow the example of technologically advanced countries. © CSIR

18 International DERI’s TNO - Holland FOI - Sweden Dstl - UK
DSO - Singapore Defence Research Canada 78 Defence Research Laboratories in the USA DSTO - Australia Defence R & D Organisation - India © CSIR

19 Industry & International
Strategic Management Context for DERI as derived from National R&D Strategy (2002) Fundamental research Human capital development New knowledge Technology development & application Sector oriented research, development and innovation Technology intensive services and infrastructure Venture creation and IP exploitation National System Of Innovation Governance & Funding DST & DOE Line departments e.g. DoD Gov. instruments Private Sector VCF’s DoD Activities of DERI DST Industry & International © CSIR

20 Core Elements of a DERI CSIR Armscor Business Alkantpan Copperton
Armscor Business (288 total staff) Defence Institute Gerotek Ergotech Alkantpan Flamengro Armour Development IMT Protechnik Eclipse Paardefontein Antenna Range CISR (215 total staff) Systems Modelling Radar & Electronic Warfare Optronic Sensor Systems Technology for Special Operations (PTA & STB) Landward Sciences (with Paardefontein) Aeronautic Systems Safety & Security CSIR Armscor Business Denel (183 total staff) Overberg Test Range Bredasdorp Alkantpan Copperton CSIR TSO IMT OTB © CSIR

21 DERI support roles Smart Decision Maker support e.g.
Policy and planning Information and intelligence Technology strategy Smart buyer support, e.g. Specification Selection Acceptance testing Smart user support, e.g. Training Operational evaluation Upgrade © CSIR

22 DERI support roles Defence R&D for Strategic independence, e.g.
Local maintenance/upgrade Niche capabilities Own Intellectual Property Integrating local distributed research to support DoD Leveraging international cooperative research to support DoD requirements. © CSIR

23 Compelling reasons for establishing a DERI
To establish a dedicated defence Research Development, Test & Evaluation (RDT&E) capability that will be able to understand complex defence systems and provide innovative solutions. To create an environment in which Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) professionals working on defence applications, will thrive. To maintain current capabilities identified as strategic and grow new ones in a sustainable way. To ensure that strategic defence RDT&E capabilities and facilities are sustainable, well funded and used effectively. To achieve an optimal return on defence investment in RDT&E. To be able to enjoy the benefits of managing the distributed defence research capabilities as a single system. © CSIR

24 Towards the application of the National System of Innovation
Research and Technology Acquisition Towards the application of the National System of Innovation System Development System Deployment Validated Technology Project Launch Product Certification Technology Readiness 5 + years 2 – 6 years years 25+ years Science Base: Universities, Research Institutions, Industry Production Product Support R&D Technology Demonstrations Prototypes Product Definition Product Design and Development Product Demonstration Industry DERI Directed Research Projects AISI AMTS Integrate across other Research Projects R&T Fundamental Research Technology Development Technology Validation Science Council Funding Universities © CSIR

25 Thank you

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