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100 200 300 400 500 The People of Judaism The Places Holy Book Tradition Words.

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2 100 200 300 400 500 The People of Judaism The Places Holy Book Tradition Words

3 The People– 100 [He defeated Goliath, built Israelite empire and made Jerusalem his capital city] [Who is David?]

4 The People - 200 [He brought the tablets down from Mt. Sinai.] [What is Moses?]

5 The People - 300 [He built a splendid stone temple in Jerusalem that became the center and symbol of the Jewish faith.] [What is Solomon?]

6 The People - 400 [He moved with his family from Mesopotamia to Canaan.] [Who is Abraham?]

7 The People - 500 [He led a rebellion when the Greeks forced him and others to worship Greek gods.] [Who is Judas Maccabeus?]

8 Places - 100 [This area was believed to be the Jewish Promised Land?] [What is Canaan?]

9 Places - 200 [This is where the Israelites were led after a long drought in Canaan.] [Where is Egypt?]

10 Places - 300 [The Exodus is when the Jews left this place.] [Where is Egypt?]

11 Places - 400 [When the Jewish people were exiled, they were sent here [Where is Babylon?]

12 Places - 500 [This is a Jewish house of worship.] [What is a synagogue?]

13 Holy Book – 100 [This became known as the first part of the Bible.] [What is the Torah?]

14 Holy Book - 200 [The Torah states that people should rest on this day.] [What is the Sabbath?]

15 Holy Book - 300 [Samuel was said to be this, a person who Israelites thought was instructed by God] [What is a prophet?]

16 Holy Book - 400 [These are important leaders and teachers of the Torah.] [What are rabbis?]

17 Holy Book - 500 [The teachings of Rabbi’s are put into this, a book similar to the Torah.] [What is the Talmud?]

18 Traditions - 100 [This holiday celebrates the escape of the Jews from slavery in Egypt and their return to the Canaan.] [What is Passover?]

19 Traditions - 200 [This holiday celebrates religious freedom and the rededication of the temple in Jerusalem] [What is Hanukkah (Chanukah)?]

20 Traditions - 300 [This is the remains of where the Romans destroyed the temple in Jerusalem, people still go there today to remember this sad moment…] [What is Western Wall or Wailing Wall?]

21 Traditions - 400 [These are the basis for the moral code in many countries] [What are the 10 Commandments?]

22 Traditions - 500 [The proper way to prepare food with respect to the Hebrew people.] [What is kosher?]

23 Words - 100 [The Jews were sent to Babylon and put in this...] [What is exile?]

24 Words - 200 [This was the scattering of the Jews outside of Israel and Judah.] [What is the diaspora?]

25 Words - 300 [ Famous or wise sayings are known as.] [What are proverbs?]

26 Words - 400 [Forced payments.] [What are tributes?]

27 Words - 500 [A nation that rules several other nations.] [What is an empire? ]

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