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Math Requirements and Procedures Math Requirements and Procedures 8th Grade.

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1 Math Requirements and Procedures Math Requirements and Procedures 8th Grade

2 SUPPLIES Textbook (Covered) and Workbook Binder/Dividers Loose-leaf Paper and Graph Paper Calculator TI30-XIIS Pencils Pens for corrections Assignment Notebook

3 PROCEDURES 1. Come to class prepared with your textbook, notebook, homework, calculator, paper, pencils, Assignment notebook and any other supplies that you are required to bring. YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO GO TO YOUR LOCKER IF YOU FORGET OR CANNOT FIND ANY OF THE ABOVE ITEMS MENTIONED.

4 2. As you enter the classroom you will have your homework out for me to check and you will be working on the Daily Warm- up problems. 3. Date every entry and identify problems with problem numbers and the unit and page name.

5 4. Always revise what you have written by crossing it out, rather than erasing. This saves you time and helps me to follow your thinking. It does not count against you to cross out your old work. You receive a grade on completing your Homework.

6 5. ALL assigned problems complete is a score in your favor. In order to be considered complete, homework should be neat not sloppy, and all work needed to solve the problem is stated. NOT completing ALL assigned work is a 0%. You are to attempt all problems whether the answer is correct or not, you are to try your best! If there is a legitimate reason for not completing an assignment, please send a signed note from a parent(s) stating the reason, the day the assignment is due.

7 6. It is your responsibility to get the notes and complete assignments on the days you are absent. You have 1 day from the day you were absent to show me the completed assignment.

8 7. After you complete a unit, You will find your Packet Average using your Table of Contents and hand in all the assignments. I will file your work for future reference. 8. You will receive a progress report at the end of the 3 rd, 5 th and 7 th week of each quarter. The progress report must be signed by your parents and yourself and returned the following day Your grades will also be posted on-line. If there are any questions in regards to your grades you must bring them to my attention as soon as possible via meeting with me before or after school or by sending me an E-mail..

9 9. I have the right to teach, and you have the right to learn; therefore anything done to disrupt this process will be considered a discipline problem and will be handled accordingly. *Be prepared with appropriate materials *Please remain on task at all times. *Be in assigned seat and remain there unless otherwise instructed. *Respect others and their property.

10 You will be required to keep a Math Binder to keep yourself organized,. The notebook is to be used as a portfolio of your assignments, review resource and study tool.

11 MATH NOTEBOOK SECTIONS Section 1 Daily Warm-Up: In this section you will be solving problems that are on the over-head projector or on the board. These problems will be completed as soon as you walk into the classroom and should take no more that 5-7 minutes to complete. The problems will vary, they might be on what we are studying, or a review or on what we will learn in the future.

12 Section 2 Class Notes: This section will include any and all work you do for in-class problems; this includes your work on Investigation problems and follow-ups and handouts. Include words, charts, pictures, or anything else to show your thinking. Any notes you take; write anything that will help you remember your thinking. These notes are for your reference as you solve in-class problems, answer homework questions, work on quizzes, and prepare for tests Journaling and Extended Response This section will include preparation, rubric and format and all questions that you complete.

13 Section 3 Homework and Table of Contents: This section should include your work on the ACE assignments. Your homework should be written clearly identified by page and date. Remember you only receive credit for completely completing the assignment. You will record your score on the Table of Contents for each homework assignment please be diligent in recording assignments. daily

14 Section 4 Math Reference Sheets: This section will hold all reference sheets that are handed out..

15 Section 5 Vocabulary: In this section you will create mathematical descriptions with examples of words you need to know.

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