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Greater Manchester Devolution 28 July 2015. Greater Manchester is “Officially the most exciting place in the UK” The Guardian, February 2015.

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1 Greater Manchester Devolution 28 July 2015

2 Greater Manchester is “Officially the most exciting place in the UK” The Guardian, February 2015


4 What is Greater Manchester? Ten local authority areas Nearly 3 million residents Growing population – up 6.5% over the last ten years Almost 1.2 million households

5 What is Greater Manchester? Generates £56 billion GVA annually – more than double that of Merseyside 1.4 million working people Nearly 100,000 businesses Tourist economy worth £7 billion every year 1 million international leisure visitors annually 5 million business visitors annually

6 What is Greater Manchester? Includes three of the top ten most deprived areas in England and Wales Life expectancy is below the national average (- 1.6 years for women and -1.7 years for men) One quarter of children in Greater Manchester live in poverty 8.1% of the population is unemployed compared to national average of 6.5% One quarter of adults have no formal qualifications


8 Successes for Oldham Superfast fibre broadband will benefit 99.6% of all premises in Oldham by 2017 Regional Growth Fund – over £10 million secured by Oldham businesses and 600 jobs created Metrolink expansion to Oldham Town Centre £330 million Skills and Business Support (via ERDF and ESF) – new programme to support growth for local companies Support for Invest in Oldham including Old Town Hall, Prince’s Gate and Transport Interchange Increased international profile

9 The GM Strategy To move GM from being a cost centre to a net contributor to national public finances GM currently generates £17bn in taxes BUT requires £22 billion in public spending

10 The GM Strategy: Growth and Reform Aim to close the £4.7 billion gap through growth and reform by: creating high quality places that will attract and retain more productive people and businesses reforming public services to improve outcomes for local people Devolution of powers and budgets to GM is vital to enable this


12 Devolution- GM Agreement Signed November 2014 by council Leaders and government with further devolution announced as part of the budget in July 2015. Agreed new powers and responsibilities around transport, planning and housing, skills and business support and transport. In exchange GM will have an elected mayor from 2017 who will oversee the work of the GMCA alongside council leaders GMCA has appointed an interim mayor, Tony Lloyd, who will chair the GMCA until then.

13 Devolution- GM Agreement Transport: more powers over routes and fares through bus franchising control of rail stations better coordination of the major highway networks the power to introduce smart ticketing the promise of multi year budgets to support longer term transport planning.

14 Devolution- GM Agreement Housing and Planning: power to develop a GM Spatial Framework control of a £300 million recyclable Housing Investment Fund creation of a GM land commission to oversee the use of the public sector estate powers to allow the elected mayor (post 2017) to create development corporations and allow compulsory purchase (in agreement with local authorities)

15 Devolution- GM Agreement Skills, business and employment: responsibility for local business support budgets more control of existing skills funding and control of existing education and skills programmes so that they can be tailored to the needs of GM business agreement to jointly commission the next phase of the work programme mayoral power over Sunday trading regulations (subject to consultation)

16 Devolution- GM Agreement Also delivers: control of a reformed ‘earn back’ deal worth £900 million over 30 years to fund major projects and programmes resources to scale-up our pilot to tackle complex dependency a review of where children’s services can be better integrated and more efficient

17 Devolution- GM Agreement Fire and Policing From 2017 the elected mayor will oversee the work of Greater Manchester Police (replacing the Police and Crime Commissioner) and the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (replacing the current Fire Authority arrangements) Until 2017 Tony Lloyd will continue to deliver his role as Police and Crime Commissioner alongside his role as interim mayor.

18 Devolution – Health and Social Care Health and Social Care MoU devolving £6 billion of health spending signed Feb 2015 by NHS England, councils, CCGs, NHS foundations and trusts. This covers: –Primary care –Acute care –Community services –Mental health services –Social care –Public health Place Based Agreement to support prevention through joined-up public health leadership signed July 2015

19 Summary No doubt this is an exciting time for Greater Manchester Opportunity to make a real difference for our residents and deliver our ambition at the GM and locality level But …. We need to rise to the challenge It will require us to work and think differently

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