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Welcome to Kindergarten! Heidi Bell Ann Quinn Stacie Troutman Indian Run Elementary.

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1 Welcome to Kindergarten! Heidi Bell Ann Quinn Stacie Troutman Indian Run Elementary

2 Daily Schedule 9:20 (1:20)Turn in Home folders, put away items, buddy read 9:40 (1:40)Circle Time 10:00 (2:00)Academic Block 10:25(2:25)Recess 10:45(2:45)Academic Block 11:00(3:00)Center Time, small groups 11:45(3:45)Clean up, Folders 11:55(3:55)Dismissal

3 The Kindergarten Promise *We will listen to others and raise hands *Use indoor voices *Always use kind words *Share and cooperate *Keep our bodies to ourselves *Follow directions the first time they are given

4 A balanced Literacy program includes: *Read-alouds- teacher models the reading process; students listen/respond -expand vocabulary & concepts - exposure to a variety of genres (fiction, non-fiction, poetry) - encourage responses (drawing, writing, drama, art, and discussion Language Arts Program

5 Reading, continued Share Reading- teacher leads and the students participate – Develops concepts of print – Draws attention to particular letters or letter sounds – Notice high frequency words

6 Comprehensive Word Story Program Becoming fully literate is absolutely dependent on fast, accurate recognition of words in texts, and fast accurate production of words in writing so that readers and writers can focus their attention on making meaning.

7 4 Ways to know letters Formation Sound Name Linking word ** Early strategies for how to LOOK at print is essential

8 Writing Students practice upper and lower case letters in the D’Nealian Handwriting style Students’ writing follows developmental stages: – Beginnings (random letters), – Consonants – Initial and final consonants – Words – Standard spelling

9 Writing Methods Shared writing- teacher models writing in group with student input Interactive writing- students take turns helping with writing piece Independent writing- students attempt their own writing in various situations (journals, page for class book, letters, Writer’s Workshop)

10 Reading at Home Nightly reading is an important part of our reading program. Children self-select books from the classroom and school libraries for parents to read to them and/or read to their parents Levelled books are sent home later in the year to aid in sight word recognition, strategies, and fluency.

11 Science Topics Trees and Leaves Animals Two by Two: – Goldfish and Guppies – Bugs and Insects Cycles and Systems of Universe: - weather, seasons, day and night

12 Social Studies Units American Heritage & Citizenship Traditions & Celebrations Locations & Geography

13 EnVision Math Program * enVision focuses on visual learning and differentiation for each student. We will be instructing 16 math units concentrating on skill practice, hands-on interactive work, literacy bridges, and workmats. *When appropriate, we will supplement with teacher- created lessons and activities that correspond to other content areas.

14 Math Units, 1-10 1. sorting and classifying 2. position and location 3. Patterns 4. Zero to Five 5. Six to Ten 6. Comparing Numbers 7. Geometry 8. Fractions and Ordinals 9. Measurement 10.Addition

15 Math Units, 11-16 11. Subtraction 12. Larger Numbers 13. Money 14. Time 15. Calendar 16. Graphing

16 Expectations Please read to your child nightly Please check home folders every day Please practice the kindergarten sight words (These will be sent home shortly)

17 Reminders *Due to the short time frame of the academic day and food allergies, no snacks please. *Please encourage your child to leave all toys at home as these are unnecessary distractions *No birthday party invitations passed out at school.

18 Helpful Suggestions for Home: *Play number games such as Candy Land and cards *Play memory games such as Concentration *Practice counting with extra coins and change *Point out environmental print such as Target and McDonalds *Play I Spy games in the car with colors and letter sounds *Read and practice nursery rhymes for ending sound development *Choose ABC books and Counting Books at the library *Have a good, healthy breakfast and calm morning

19 Conclusion Have a Great Year!!! The Kindergarten Team

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