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Refusal Skill.

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1 Refusal Skill

2 The Refusal Skill Students will demonstrate the ability to:
Identify situations in which they might be asked to use tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs. Use the steps of the Refusal Skill to resist offers to use tobacco, alcohol and other drugs.

3 Student Objectives Identify situations in which you might be asked to use drugs or otherwise get into trouble.

4 Possible Trouble Situations
Bus Extra curricular events Vacations Alone Mall Movies Park

5 Refusal Skill – Who? Who is the best person to use the refusal skill with? Brother Sister Good Friend *If it is not someone you like or don’t want to be friends with. Say “No” and walk away.

6 When might you be asked to……
Smoke a cigarette Chew tobacco Drink alcohol Lie to someone Steel something Cheat Be dishonest Deface property

7 The Power To Refuse Pay attention to some of the reasons why the students were tempted to do things.

8 Listen to Me ! Stay calm Say the persons name and make eye contact.
Say “Listen to me” Pause to see if the persons listening. If the person is not listening…Leave

9 1. Ask Questions “What…? or “Why?”
The initial step of asking questions helps determine whether in fact there is anything wrong in the situation.

10 2. Name the Trouble “That’s….” “That’s dumb” “That’s wrong”
“I don’t want to steal” “I don’t want to smoke.”

11 3. State the Consequences
“If I do that…” I could get suspended. I could lose my job. I could get grounded. I could get fined. I would get a reputation. I would make my family disappointed.

12 4. Suggest an Alternative
“Instead why don’t we…” Take a walk Play basketball Play video games Skateboard Go for a bite to eat Go to my house watch a movie

13 “If you change your mind…”
5. Move it, sell it and… “If you change your mind…” Taking a walk Playing basketball Playing video games Skateboarding Getting something to eat Going to my house to watch a movie

14 Keep the Door Open Leaving to door open is to let your friend know that you still want to have a relationship with them.

15 Why not use the refusal skill?

16 Why not use the Refusal Skill?
“I’d feel like a wimp saying no to a cigarette or a beer.” “If I keep saying no to my friends, pretty soon they won’t be my friends.” “I feel dumb saying stuff like this.” “I can just say no if someone offers me a drink.”

17 Top Ten Refusal Skill For Teens
Make a joke. Give a reason why it’s a bad idea. Make an excuse why you can’t. Just say no, plainly and firmly. Suggest an alternative activity. Ignore the suggestion. Repeat yourself if necessary. Leave the situation. Thanks, but no thanks. The power of numbers. Mrs. Shay’s - fake a text message or phone call.

18 Role Play Activity

19 Refusal Skill Steps 1. Ask Questions (What do you want me to do?)
(You want me to do what?)  2. Name the trouble (You want me to do ______)  3. Suggest an alternative (Instead of that, lets do this…)  4. Move it, sell it (If you change your mind… I will be…)  5. Leave the door open (Walk away…) 

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