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Buddhism The Means Meditation and Worship. Recap The Means The 5 Precepts.

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1 Buddhism The Means Meditation and Worship

2 Recap The Means The 5 Precepts

3 Objective: To Learn why Meditation and Prayer are important ‘Means’ for Buddhists.

4 The 3 rd Precept Negative: Do not make false speech Positive: Speak truthfully What is Meditation? Meditation is one of the ‘means’ to get you closer to the ‘goal’ of Enlightenment. It’s not done for it’s own sake, or because it feels nice, but because it’s necessary to get to Nibbana.

5 What are you doing when you Meditate? The idea of meditation is that you are trying to still your mind, calm it down in order to perceive reality as it actually is. You’re not supposed to stop being conscious, but to be fully aware of yourself and the world around you. Often, Buddhists will try and concentrate their mind on one thing, like their breathing or a single drop of water.

6 Would You Like to Give Meditation a Go? Teachers click here for instructions on meditation We’ll give it a go before the NAB!!!!

7 7 Benefits of Meditation 1. Getting rid of defilements 2. Putting aside sorrow and worry 3. Getting over miseries 4. Ending physical suffering 5. Ending mental suffering 6. Attaining the early stages of Nibbana 7. Attaining Nibbana itself

8 There is no one way to meditate for Buddhists. There are many different methods and styles. Some involve sitting, lying down, walking, being quiet and chanting. The only thing they have in common is that they are all supposed to help to perceive reality as it really is and to get closer to Nibbana.

9 Worship Many Buddhists also believe that worship is an important part of the means towards achieving the goal of Nibbana. But who do Buddhists worship, if Buddhism doesn’t believe in a God or Gods? Some Buddhists do believe in a God, even though there is no mention of God in the teachings of the Buddha.

10 Worship But Many Buddhists don’t believe in a God. Worship is important to them for the following reasons: 1.Buddhists show reverence to the Buddha 2.It’s a communal activity in which a person can gain support from the Sangha. 3.Mahayana Buddhists worship Bodhisattvas as they give good kamma and can help to attain Nibbana 4.It can provide a way to recite and remember the teachings of the Buddha.

11 Take a new page in your jotter and in the middle draw as best you can this meditation image. Around it put the 7 benefits of meditation – you need to know as many as possible! (well at least 4/5)

12 1.Turn off all the lights and close the blinds. 2.Ask the pupils to sit comfortably and close their eyes 3.You can put on music, something calming, but nothing with words as they can distract. 4.Ask pupils to focus on breathing through their nostrils. Inhale for 4, exhale for 4. 5.Relax all parts of the body by first tensing and then releasing. 6.Talk them through relaxing each part of their body, starting with their feet and working your way up. (say things like ‘feel your feet relaxing’) 7.All this should be done slowly and in a calm soft voice. Meditation Instructions.

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