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Melissa Dull and Tammie Pitcairn 6 th Grade Language Arts & Reading AND

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1 Melissa Dull and Tammie Pitcairn 6 th Grade Language Arts & Reading E-mail: AND (760) 290-2800 x3352

2 Our Schedules Mrs. Pitcairn:teaches M, Tue. & every other Wednesday Mrs. Dull: teaches every other Wednesday, Thursday and Friday Both: Check e-mail even on days we aren’t in the classroom

3 Maternity Leave Starts tomorrow! Planning on returning December 15 th Cheryl Johnson will be my long term sub –Taught on our campus for several years –Has the same qualifications I have –Has been given plans that are the same as what I would be doing if I was not on maternity leave

4 Required Supplies SSR Book (Sustained Silent Reading) College Ruled Paper - No notebooks please 2” Binder with 2 dividers (L/A/Rdg. & Toolbox) Correcting Pen (red, green or purple) Glasses/Hearing Aid/etc. needed for learning

5 Classroom Guidelines Be in assigned seat and working when the bell rings. Be prepared for class everyday. Treat everyone with dignity and respect. Follow directions the first time they are given.

6 Attendance Attendance is crucial Extended absences – call attendance office (5 or more school days) Student’s responsibility to make up absence work Students get two days for every day that they were absent to make up missed work (per district policy) Please contact us if you need additional time!

7 Curriculum 6 th Grade English Language Arts content standards Focus on “essential standards” Core Novel(s) for all 6 th graders are: –Hatchet –Beowulf – A New Telling

8 Library We will go to the library approximately once every 4 weeks as a class. Students can also use the library before school, at lunch, and after school. Please get your student a public library card Please take them to the public library on a regular basis

9 Homework: Your student will have homework every night because we expect them to read independently every day. Posted on the board and on the web Students MUST write homework in their planner every day Late Work No late work will be accepted. This is a school wide policy for all grade levels. Please Note: This policy does not apply to absence work

10 Homework on our website: Go to the black ribbon and click “faculty” Click on Dull or Pitcairn Each class has a homework page Class documents are there

11 Communication Please let us know in writing if your student has any special needs. Please e-mail us or write a note. We will not remember if you tell us tonight! When you e-mail, please copy both of us on all correspondence.

12 What you should see every week at home Reading Log (needs parent signature 4x’s per week) Due every Friday! W.I.N.K. Dictionary (2-4 words per week) Due at the end of each month DLR warm up, should be completed in class, due every Thursday. Journals need to be at school every Friday.

13 Reading Logs: Weekly Reading Log 1 Semester 1 ODD Weeks Name: Period: FridaySat.Sun.Mon.Tues.Wed.Thur. Total Week1 Date2-Sep3-Sep4-Sep5-Sep6-Sep7-Sep8-Sep DUE FRI. 9/9 # of pages # of minutes / 120 Parent Signature Points: / 10 Please total your minutes for the week before you get to class or I will deduct 1 point…

14 Accelerated Reader (AR) Access from home or at school via the school website Over 100,000 fiction and non-fiction books available Go to to see if a book is an AR book Individualized point goals for every student Worth 300 points per semester

15 Can access grades via the internet/website Need your student’s ID number and the “Classword” P1 Classword:1-dull-1112 P3 Classword:3-dull-1112 **Please enter your e-mail address in mygradebook so we can easily contact you** Linking classes will simplify your life! (Directions are on the school website)

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