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Helping you decide... Why Physics? Why Trinity?. Why Physics?

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1 Helping you decide... Why Physics? Why Trinity?

2 Why Physics?

3 From Imperial’s website, of their 2011 Physics graduates, only 5% were left still seeking employment, 40% went into academia and 50% went into business…

4 “My immediate team is made up of: But the broader FX trading team is at least 80% Maths, Physics & Engineering graduates.” Physics and mathsEngineeringChemistry Finance / economics Maths / Physics / Engineering Other


6 Great teachers - all Physics specialists. Great resources & lots of imagination. Great extra-curricular activities Great exam results: 77% A/B at AS, 88%A*- B at A2 in 2013 Why Trinity?

7 EXTRA CURRICULAR CLUBS Further Physics Oxbridge type preparation club. Runs weekly for a year; boys solve challenging A-level problems. LMFL6th – U6th The UK Space Design Competition Students design a space settlement and make a video about their design. If successful they progress on to national finals at Imperial MM5, L6th Senior Science Society Lecture series on various topics (not engineering or medical related), delivered by students and external speakers. MM5 & 6 COMPETITIONS British Physics Olympiad Preparation for sitting the prestigious national Physics competition at which Trinity has had great success over the last three years LMF L6th AS Physics Challenge LMF Surrey Satro Competition Physics / engineering problem-solving competition aimed at the brightest GCSE boys WST6th Weizmann Safe Cracking competition Students design a safe using physical principles that other competitors have to hack into using physical principles WSTL6 TRIPS / OUT OF SCHOOL OPPORTUNITIES Trip to CERN Boys receive a lecture on particle Physics. They are then given a guided tour of the site. We also visit the particle Physics museum at CERN (microcosm). LMFL6th lower 6th Physics in Action Study Day A day of Physics lectures held in London by IOPDGKL6th Cambridge Summer School Students attend three days of lectures and practical sessions at Cambridge. The school is aimed at the most gifted students.

8 Great teachers - all Physics specialists. Great resources & lots of imagination. Great extra-curricula activities Great exam results: 79% A/B at AS, 80%A*- B at A2 in 2012 Why Trinity?

9 The What... AS Physics Course Content Unit 1 – Mechanics Motion, forces, work and energy Unit 2 – Electrons, Waves and Photons Electric current, resistance, voltage, DC Circuits Waves Quantum Physics Unit 3 – Practical Skills Developed through routine activities. Assessed using OCR set tasks, internally marked and externally moderated

10 Mathematics (I)GCSE, at grade A or above (but not further study of Maths at AS) Physics or Double Award Science GCSE or IGCSE, at grade A or A*, achieved really quite easily A willingness to think, work and learn! What do I need?

11 AS Physics Examination Unit G481 – Mechanics 1 hour 60 marks 30% of AS total Unit G482 – Electrons, Waves and Photons 1 hr 45 mins 100 marks 50% of AS total A. Written papers

12 AS Physics Examination Unit G483 – Practical Skills 3 set tasks, each with 3 elements: –Qualitative [10 marks] –Quantitative [20 marks] –Evaluative [10 marks] Internally assessed but externally moderated Tasks and mark schemes closely prescribed by OCR Raw mark scaled to 60, i.e. 20% of total AS mark B. Assessment of practical skills

13 Why OCR Syllabus A? Established but not old-fashioned Well-balanced coverage of key topics Solid basis for progression to degree courses Sensible internal assessment Specification has clear learning outcomes

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