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Google Earth  Can you guess what the picture is of?

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1 Google Earth  Can you guess what the picture is of?

2 The Great Wall of China!  This huge wall is one of the only man made features that can be seen from earth!  It was originally built in several different segments over a period of 2000 years !  It reaches over 4500 miles of territory  Most was completed by the Ming Dynasty ( we will learn about them soon!)  The wall was built to keep invaders out of China and was patrolled by 100,000 soldiers !


4 Ancient Chinese Dynasties

5 What is a dynasty? Dynasty means rulers who belong to the same family for generations. The term is also used to describe the era, or time period, during which that family ruled.

6 Mandate of Heaven  a political theory of Ancient China in which those in power were given the right to rule from a divine source



9 Qin Dynasty - 221-206 BCE Standardized writing, weights and measurements. Standardized currency (money) Known for its harsh methods of rule, including the killing those who disagreed with their leadership Issued a uniform code of laws throughout the empire, which made trade easier. Defensive walls between states were demolished because of their disruptive influence upon trade.

10 Qin Dynasty Beliefs  The dynasty adhered to Legalist principles, a Chinese philosophy that followed strict compliance to a rule of law.  This belief allowed Qin to rule the population from a centralized power structure and proved a very effective way to govern. Such a policy however, did not allow for dissent.


12 Han Dynasty - 206 BCE-220 CE Confucianism was officially established. Confucianism was a (we will learn more about this later in the unit) Han’s military and political power reached to Korea and Vietnam! Records of the Historian, which became the model for documenting official histories, was completed.

13 Han Dynasty Economy  The Han economy was defined by significant population growth, increasing urbanization, growth of industry and trade, and government experimentation with nationalization.  In this era, the levels of minting and circulation of coin currency grew significantly, forming the foundation of a stable monetary system.  The Silk Road helped the establishment of trade with foreign countries, many of which were previously unknown to the people of ancient China.

14 The Silk Road  Because of the Silk Road – not only did trading spread, but so did religion! Buddhism was introduced to China through the Silk Road.


16 Tang Dynasty - 618-906  Golden Age : Great government stability and artistic productivity  The height of Buddhist influence  Unifying period in China  Only dynasty to have a female ruler (Wu)

17 Tang Dynasty Economy:  The Tang's strength came from a system of equal land allotments to the male population. A tax on the allotments was the Tang's greatest source of income. In addition to that, periodic miltary service from all males was the basis of the Tang's military. Government: The role of the imperial and local government was amplified so that it centralized administration and enacted an elaborate code of administrative and penal laws.


19 Ming Dynasty – 1368- 1644 AD Political Change  The first Ming emperor, Hongwu, laid the basis of an authoritarian political culture.  An authoritarian government is one in which the individual has little to no power or rights.  Important changes in the economy and social relations in the latter part of the dynasty Building Projects There were enormous construction projects, including the restoration of the Grand Canal, which was an elaborate system of water ways used for transportation. The Great Wall and the establishment of the Forbidden City in Beijing during the first quarter of the 15th century. (We will watch a movie about this soon!)

20 Ming Dynasty Economy  The imperial treasuries were being depleted by war. Much money was spent on defending against the mongol tribes to the north and Japanese pirates along the coast. The royal treasuries were eventually exhausted trying to defend Korea in a seven-year war against the Japanese pirates. Beliefs  The dominant religious beliefs during the Ming dynasty were the various forms of Chinese folk religion and the Three Teachings – Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism.



23 Qing Dynasty - 1644-1912  Continued the economic developments of the late Ming, leading to prosperity ($$$)  Dramatic increase in population.  How can economic growth lead to population growth?

24 Qing Dynasty Economy  The population growth superseded the economic growth. So, in the 18th century, the economic status of the Chinese peasant declined. The government's funds were depleted due to foreign expansion. The Manchus (Qing) grudgingly accepted trade with the West. The most active trading partners were the British, French, and the United States. The

25 Qing Religion  As rulers of the cultural superior realm of China, the Qing emperors adopted the state doctrine of Confucianism as their official religion

26 Mongols  The Mongolian Empire was feared by Ancient China, and for good reason! – Read the article and answer questions on the back.

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