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Movement for Healthy Life FIT For Life Ms Chelvi Ms Lee Lai Yoong.

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1 Movement for Healthy Life FIT For Life Ms Chelvi Ms Lee Lai Yoong


3 Exercise for a Healthy Heart Improving your overall health

4 PHYSIOTHERAPIST Physical therapists are specialists in evaluating and treating disorders of the human body by using physical means rather than drugs. They are legally and ethically responsible for planning, implementing and evaluating a physical therapy program.

5 A sedentary (inactive) lifestyle is one of the top risk factors for heart disease. Fortunately, it's a risk factor that you can do something about. Regular exercise, especially aerobic exercise, has many benefits.

6 Exercise program includes three key points: - stretching -Aerobic activity -Resistance(strength training)

7 Exercise Programme 3. Cardiovascular fitness 2. Muscle strength / endurance 1. Flexibility


9 Flexibility ~ The ability to move the joint or muscles through their full range of motion ~ Decreased risk of injury & improve performance

10 Strength and Endurance training ~ Anaerobic exercise ~ Involved lifting weight ~ Can improve strength & muscles mass

11 Examples of Aerobic Exercises Aerobic exercises include: walking, jogging, jumping rope, bicycling (stationary or outdoor), and low-impact aerobics or water aerobics.

12 Benefits of Exercises Strengthen your heart and cardiovascular system. Improve your circulation and help your body use oxygen better. Improve your heart failure symptoms. Increase energy levels so you can do more activities without becoming tired or short of breath. Increase endurance. Lower blood pressure. Improve muscle tone and strength.

13 Benefits of Exercises Improve balance and joint flexibility. Strengthen bones. Help reduce body fat and help you reach a healthy weight. Help reduce stress, tension, anxiety, and depression. Boost self-image and self-esteem. Improve sleep. Make you feel more relaxed and rested. Make you look fit and feel healthy.

14 How Often Should I Exercise? In general, to achieve maximum benefits, you should gradually work up to an aerobic session lasting 20 to 30 minutes, at least three to four times a week. Exercising every day or every other day will help you keep a regular aerobic exercise schedule.

15 Exercise adherence 1.Start slowly 2. Short and long term goal 3. Plan the exercise schedule 4. Variety!! 5. Utilize social support 6. Buddies system

16 Summary

17 Exercise Tips Set realistic goals if you are uncertain about your limitations and ability Choose a time to exercise when your medicines are working well and you feel rested DO NOT do or continue exercise that causes pain All movement should be done in a controlled manner to prevent injury Learn to recognize when you are tired Get a balance between too much or too little Remember that it takes time to see and feel the benefits of an exercise program

18 Always: Before you begin any exercise therapy, get the approval of your doctor and a prescriptions to work with a trained, experienced physiotherapist.





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