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My Retirement Events By: Abdullah Aljohani. Before Retirement.

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1 My Retirement Events By: Abdullah Aljohani

2 Before Retirement

3 1.Separation 2.My mother tears 3. Start working 4.High school graduation

4 5. Coming to USA 6. Graduation and returning back home 7. Working

5 My Retirement

6 Causes of My Retirement The tears of my youngest son Instability of work One year contract work pressure There is not any salary increase

7 Decision of My Retirement After 4 years of being a way of my family and home working in different cities When found my children grades went down When I found It will take me more time to wait for higher position which is limited for only one person of fifty After my long service, I receive 90% of my salary so I work full time for only 10%

8 Starting My Retirement Procedure 1.I filed request for retirement, and I had to wait for 60 days to get my retirement. 2.After 60 days I got my retirement. 3. When I got my retirement I was so glad. 4.I start my retirement by moving to my family home.

9 After Retirement

10 My Promise for My Family 1 – Because I was away from my family for four years, I try to repay them 2 – I promised my children to take them to U S A for their education 3 – We applied for visas and it took my children 3 months to get their visas 4 – I faced a visa problem

11 Here in U S A All my family members are here in U S A Last year, one of my daughter graduated for her master degree, and she returned back to Saudi Arabia Last fall, my oldest son graduated for his Bachelor Degree and he is going for his master in MTSU Majoring in Engineering In May,2014, my second daughter will graduate for her master degree and she will go for her Ph. Degree in Education

12 I have the youngest son going for his 11 Grade in high school I will graduate for my master next semester in criminal justice This is the end of my project

13 Tank you..

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