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What is the MYP Personal Project?

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1 What is the MYP Personal Project?
The Canadian International School of Hong Kong

2 AGENDA 1. Introduction (10 min) 2. Three parts of the Personal Project (15 min) 3. Gr 10 students (Chris Yu and Clarice Ng) (15 min) 4. Q & A (15 min)

3 Why? The aims of the personal project are to allow students to:
Engage on a personal quest through an Area of Interaction (AOI) as a context for learning Reflect (report) on their learning 3. Move towards thoughtful and positive action 4. Develop confidence as lifelong learners

4 Glenylon Norfolk School
Let’s watch a video! Glenylon Norfolk School

5 3 PARTS OF THE PP 1. The Process Journal 2. The Report 3. The Outcome or Product

6 1. The Process Journal Students will:
Demonstrate organizational skills through time and self-management Communicate and collaborate with the supervisor Demonstrate information literacy, thinking and reflection

7 What does the Process Journal Look Like?
This is a generic term used to refer to the documentation that students develop It can take on many forms! It can be written, visual, audio or a combination of these and may include both paper and electronic forms Many students should already be familiar with this as they’ve had experience in the arts and technology Students must show evidence of regular use of the journal, NOT necessarily weekly

8 Let’s give kids options!
Video Journal Let’s give kids options!

9 Process Journal The Process Journal Is…
Begun at the very start and used throughout the entire process A place for planning A place for recording interactions with sources, teachers, supervisors, parents, external contributors A place for storage of useful quotes, pictures and ideas A place for reflection on stages of the project (challenges and solutions) Useful for the students when receiving formative feedback Very useful when writing the report

10 Process Journal The Process Journal Isn’t…
Used on a daily basis (unless this is useful for the student) Written up after the process has been completed Additional work on top of the project, it is part of and supports the project A diary with detailed writing about was done A static document with only one format

11 2. The Report The formats for the report are:
A written report in the format of an academic report, a website, blog or similar An oral report that include visual support A 15 minute multimedia presentation such as a short film, or a website that includes both written text and an audio-visual component Any other format that is approved by the supervisor and the school

12 STUDENTS ATEMPTING AN ALTERNATIVE FORMAT, MUST NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE AMOUNT OF PREPARATION TIME NEEDED. The structure of the report is clearly set out by the IB. A written report must not exceed 3,500 words. An oral presentation or audio-visual recording must not exceed 15 minutes.

13 3. THE OUTCOME or PRODUCT PRODUCT: Water fountain, novel, song, go-kart. recipe book, model golf course, poetry book, design a line of clothing OUTCOME: Provide a workshop for kids, learn how to organize a book drive for a library in Kenya, make a documentary about the visually impaired to raise awareness in the community

14 3. Unrealistic vs Realistic Projects
Learn to play the piano with no previous musical experience You know how to play the piano and you write a musical score for a school play

15 3. Unrealistic vs Realistic Projects
Erase poverty around the world Find ways that groups can take action to fight poverty in my city

16 3. Unrealistic vs Realistic Projects
Travel to other countries and teach kids to play tennis around the world Organize a tennis tournament to promote healthy lifestyles among teens

17 Area of Interaction Lens

18 How is the PP Assessed? The Process Journal (A) - Did they show organizational, communication and collaborative skills? The Goal (B) – Was is appropriately challenging and have an AOI focus? Selection of Sources (C) – Is there a wide variety of sources as seen in the bibliography and the body of the report? Application of information (D)- Did they transfer info to make decisions and develop solutions to problems? Achieving the Goal (E)- This is measured against their own goal. Reflection on Learning (F)- Report on how this project extended their knowledge of the topic, the AOI and as a learner. Report on the Project (G) – Is it organized clearly and concisely?

19 Students Speak Clarice Ng: Investigating Architecture Christopher Yu: Investigating Poverty in HK

20 What questions do you have for us?
Q & A What questions do you have for us?

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