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1 Dr. Adeeb Alafifi, Director, Trade & Exports DED Abu Dhabi.

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1 1 Dr. Adeeb Alafifi, Director, Trade & Exports DED Abu Dhabi

2 Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030: Investment and Export Support

3 United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi UAE & Abu Dhabi

4 Abu Dhabi 4 The Emirate: – 87% of UAE’s land mass; 3 regions – Hospitality, life style & safe – Cosmopolitan: 150 + nationalities – World-class infrastructure – Tax free – A strategic global commodity Proven Oil Reserves: 9% Proven Gas Reserves: 5% Abu Dhabi City: – The UAE’s Capital City

5 1960 Why Diversify? 4 Reasons GDP volatility connected to the price of oil Government budget deficits without oil revenues Diversification Quotient Balance social development Oil Price Change Volatility – In % – 35% 30% 25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0% Oil Price 2.3x 1.4x

6 Economic Vision 2030 Abu Dhabi’s aspirations to diversify its economy Oil-based to knowledge-based Shift where real GDP is generated Sector% of rGDP: 2005 Forecast % of rGDP: 2030 Avg. Growth Rate Oil59364.5 Non-oil41648.8 6

7 2030 Strategic Sectors Globally Focus Energy Chemicals Metals & Mining Aviation, Aerospace & Defense Pharmaceuticals, Bio- tech & Life Science Hotels, Restaurants & Services Healthcare Equipment & Services Regionally Focus Transportation, Trade & Logistics Education Media Financial Services ICT Enablers Construction & Engineering Construction Materials Electrical Equipment Machinery Food & Beverage

8 Government Investment Education: – K-12 – Vocational – University – Graduate Infrastructure: – Airports – Seaports – Rail – Roads – Healthcare Investment/Industrial Sites Accelerator businesses Private Sector to Develop the Mid and Down Stream: Longer Term Growth

9 How is the private sector being helped? 9

10 Investment Promotion & Investor Services Investment Promotion Forums Conferences Trade Shows Promotional tools Information Services Abu Dhabi and Investment information Incentive programs Special requests Linkage Stakeholders Partnering companies Site visits After Care Meet existing investors Experience of investment process Solutions to investor issues

11 Investment Activities 11

12 Today’s Investor is Tomorrow’s Exporter 12

13 Export Support 13 Services & support delivered to companies Export Development Executives (EDE) EDE evaluate the company and recommend type of support & works with sector’s export development Strategic Sectors Int’l Traded Services Const. & Eng. Other Mfting New Exporters Renewable Tech.; Semiconductors; Pharmaceuticals, Biotech & Life Sciences; Aviation, Aerospace & Defense; Transportation, Trade & Logistics; Chemicals Education; Media; Financial Services; Telecom/ICT; Healthcare Equip. & Services; Oil & Gas Services; Other Services Const. & Engineering; Engineered Metal Products; and Electrical Equipment Food & Beverage; Packaging, Textiles & Consumer Goods; Oilfield Equipment; Energy; and Metals Companies with little or no exporting experience, capabilities development of the basic skills to export Export Capability Building Market Info & Intelligence Market Connection Advocacy EDE Engagement, Network Building, Export Skills & Training, Mentors, Graduate Export Program Seminars, Market Intelligence Center, SME Helpline, Sector Reports Trade Fairs, Export Sales Missions, Inward Buyers Visits, Custom Market Program Market Development & Entry Services Sectors

14 Export Support Activities 14

15 Thank you 15

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