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Introduction to English Language Teaching 英語教學概論

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1 Introduction to English Language Teaching 英語教學概論
Dr. Shu-Mei Hung Fall 2009 Department of Applied Foreign Languages Cheng Shiu University

2 Introduction to Learning and Teaching English-1
The relationship between learning and teaching Scaffolding: definition & methods Factors which affect language learning intrinsic motivation vs. extrinsic motivation proximity of Chinese to English learner types: visual; auditory; tactile; kinesthetic; field-independent vs. field-dependent attitudes towards English and English-speaking countries status and value of the target language in the country

3 Introduction to Learning and Teaching English-2
The language learning process Input Noticing Recognizing patterns and rule making Use and rule modification Automating Language Learning aims Fluency Accuracy Complexity Appropriacy

4 Teaching Methods and Ideas-1
The Grammar-Translation Method Background Features Current status & problems with this method The Direct Method Current status

5 Teaching Methods and Ideas-2
Audiolingualism Background: behaviorism Features: drills; focus on form Current status Communicative Language Teaching Background: Hyme – communicative functions Features: focus on meaning Presentation-Practice-Production (PPP) model Test-Teach-Test (TTT) approach Task-Based Learning

6 Listening Skills Learning to listen in various ways
Adapting the way learners listen according to the text and the reason for listening Recognizing the features of spoken English Using visual and texual clues to help learners Listening actively – asking for repetition, clarification, etc. Developing learners’ background knowlegde

7 Listening in the classroom
Pre-listening stage Listening stage Post-listening stage

8 Speaking Skills Producing connected speech The ability to interact
Talking round gaps in learners’ knowlegde Speaking in a range of contextsa Balancing accuracy and fluency

9 Speaking in the classroom
Drills Substitution drills Transformation drills Functional-situational drills Pair work and group work Interactive activities Information gap Discussion Role plays Games Informal interaction Feedback and correction

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