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New Adviser Training: Enhancing the Classroom through FCCLA July 16, 2013.

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1 New Adviser Training: Enhancing the Classroom through FCCLA July 16, 2013

2 FCCLA Mission  To promote personal growth and leadership development through Human Services/Education and Training education. Focusing on the multiple roles of family member, wage earner and community leader, members develop skills for life through: character development, creative and critical thinking, interpersonal communication, practical knowledge, and career preparation. 2

3 FCCLA Purposes  To provide opportunities for personal development and preparation for adult life  To strengthen the function of the family as a basic unit of society  To encourage democracy through cooperative action in the home and community  To encourage individual and group involvement in helping achieve global cooperation and harmony  To promote greater understanding between youth and adults  To provide opportunities for making decisions and for assuming responsibilities.  To prepare for the multiple roles of men and women in today's society  To promote Family and Consumer Sciences and related occupations 3

4 FCCLA  Is the only in-school student organization with the family as its central focus  Is a career and technical student organization that functions as an integral part of the Human Services/Education and Training curriculum and operates within the school system  Provides opportunities for active student participation at local, state and national levels. 4

5 Benefits of a FCCLA Program for Students  Promotes leadership and decision-making processes through Human Services/Education and Training programs, classes, and project implementation  Extends learning beyond the classroom through hands-on, project-based activities that students plan, develop, implement, and evaluate 5

6 Benefits of a FCCLA Program for Students  Learn to: –Accept responsibility –Develop leadership skills –Collaborate and build relationships –Develop an appreciation for diversity –Analyze and solve problems –Apply academic and interpersonal skills –Adapt to and positively effect change –Establish positive work-related attitudes and habits 6

7 Benefits of a FCCLA Program for Teachers  Enhances classroom curriculum  Expands learning opportunities  Connects Human Services/Education and Training lessons and activities to core academic subjects  Provides service-learning opportunities and experiences 7

8 Student Benefits-Programs  National Outreach National Outreach  Competitive Events Competitive Events  Community Service Community Service  Programs Programs 8

9 Student Benefits-Leadership  Capitol Leadership Capitol Leadership  Leadership Academy Leadership Academy  State Officers  National Executive Council National Executive Council  Youth Citizenship and Government Seminar 9

10 Teacher Resources  Adviser Resources page Adviser Resources page  Lesson Plans and Activities Lesson Plans and Activities  The Handbook to Ultimate Leadership The Handbook to Ultimate Leadership  National FCCLA page National FCCLA page  Tennessee FCCLA page Tennessee FCCLA page 10

11 11 CALENDAR OF EVENTS AND DEADLINES MONTHEVENTDEADLINE August19-31FLC Registration September 1-6 9-30 13 16 28-Oct. 2 FLC Registration Camp Registration West TN FLC East TN FLC Capitol Leadership 6 13 30 FLC Registration Deadline FLC Payment Deadline Camp Registration Deadline October 11-13 14 Leadership Camp Middle TN FLC 4Camp Payment Deadline November22-24Cluster Meeting11Chapter Chatters Articles Due December 20 Adviser Awards Nominations Due Pin Design Entries Due January1-24 STAR Event Registration 20 24 31 Membership Affiliation Deadline to compete in STAR Events and SLC STAR Event Registration Deadline STAR Event Payment Deadline February 18 20 21 26 27 Dist. 3 STAR Event Dist. 2 STAR Event Dist. 1 STAR Event Dist. 8 STAR Event Dist. 9 STAR Event 7 10 State Officer Application Deadline Chapter Chatters Articles Due March 7 11 12 14 17-April 4 Dist. 6 STAR Event Dist. 4 STAR Event Dist. 7 STAR Event Dist. 5 STAR Event SLC Registration 21 TN FCCLA Scholarship Deadline Power of Reading Deadline Power of One Deadline April22-24 State Leadership Conf. 1 4 14 15 Chapter Goals Deadline SLC Registration Closes SLC Payment Deadline Membership Affiliation Deadline May 23NLC STAR Event Registration Closes June 6NLC Pin and Shirt Order Deadline July6-10National Leadership Conf.

12 Contact Info  Brandon Hudson –(615) 532-2804 – – 12

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