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Susan Byers, M.Ed., LPC. Freshman and Sophomore Years.

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1 Susan Byers, M.Ed., LPC

2 Freshman and Sophomore Years

3  Tech Prep  Advanced Placement  Honors  Concurrent College Courses  Ask for help if needed  Study  Turn in all Assignments  Be attentive in class All four years of high school.

4  Extra-curricular activities  Clubs and associations  Church groups  Community organizations All four years of high school.

5  What does your dream life look like?  Make an action plan and write it down.  Take the steps to make it happen. Freshman and sophomore years.

6  List skills  List courses taken and grades made (report card)  School activities  Church activities  Community involvement  Any volunteer activities  Honors  Clubs and organizations Keep this information for each year in a file or on the computer.

7  Use computer software, Discover, Kuder, etc.  Take interest inventories  Take personality tests  Job shadow  Ask career questions from parents, friends, and relatives  Work part-time Freshman and sophomore years

8  Research careers that match your interests and personality  Talk to people in those careers  Arrange to job shadow  Volunteer or work in that career part-time  What skills are needed to work in this career?  Do I want to work in this job setting?  Do I want to work with people or alone?  Am I willing to do the training to be qualified for this career? Junior and senior years

9  On-the-Job  Apprenticeships  Internships  Technical school  Community colleges  Colleges  Visit colleges and tech schools You must have some kind of after high school training to be successful in today’s work force. Junior and senior years

10  Find out deadlines for applications  Research scholarships and financial aid  Talk to the college about scholarships/grants/work-study  Apply to colleges or technical programs  Fill out FAFSA in January of Senior year Senior year

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