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ND e-commerce Carl Arrowsmith Session 18 Access & Sustainability.

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1 ND e-commerce Carl Arrowsmith Session 18 Access & Sustainability

2 What did we do last time? Develop ideas as to what reliability entails within e-commerce Describe ways that companies or clients can be effected Decide on ways to create reliability Create policies/methods/structures to creating reliability.

3 Today's Objectives Identify what access means Define the types of access Explain how access can be prevented Find out the meaning of sustainability Explain effects of sustainability Develop ways to increase sustainability

4 What does access mean ? Jeeves (clever guy !) says: “The right to obtain or make use of or take advantage of something (as services or membership)” “A way of entering or leaving”

5 Types of access We want to sell knives over the internet, what sort of access issue/laws are we going to encounter ? Instead of knives we decide to show adult contents, what access issues/laws will there be ? How are the two examples different ?

6 Types of access Restriction to knives and adult material is age and laws related. One type of access is restricting viewing, the other is restricting purchase. There is a difference and one is supplying purely online content the other is supplying a physical item

7 Other access restrictions Think of online companies and even this college, what other types of access restrictions are there ? Dangerous material, Membership only services (subscriptions), business information, cost, groups and administration

8 How can access be restricted? There are many systems on the internet designed to provide restrictions. Give one way of restricting access to each of these: Knives Adult material Subscription information Internal company information Payment by stolen credit card

9 What is Sustainability ? Jeeves says: “the property of being sustainable” (thanks for being so helpful) Jeeves found sustained means: “maintained at length without interruption or weakening” “lengthen or extend in duration or space”

10 Why is it important ? Why is it important that companies have sustainability ? To maintain order within the company To continue to serve the customer at a high level To continue or increase sales Development of ideas in an efficient way

11 Effective Elements What can effect sustainability ? Budget Current sales Staff changes Market shifting / market forces ! Almost anything within or outside the company (taxes for example)

12 Improve sustainability How can we improve sustainability ? Monitor trends and competitors Give good customer service/support ! Refine and improve products Monitor Performance Good budgeting Open communication Improve Employee education Listen to customers ! Lots more ……

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