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“Any means by which you share a message”

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1 “Any means by which you share a message”
COMMUNICATION “Any means by which you share a message”

2 VERBAL Definition: Use words to send and receive a message.
Examples: write , term paper, speak, sing, read, text PRACTICE ACTIVITY!

3 Delivery of Verbal Message
1. Word Emphasis – the word/syllable that is stressed in the sentence/word can change the meaning of the message. Example: FANTASTIC! Oh thanks, you shouldn’t have!

4 Continued 2. Tone of Voice – shows what you are feeling – should convey the message. Examples: *Cell phone commercials *It’s not what you said it is how you said it. PROBLEM!: Texting/ ing….tell me what you think when you see the following:

5 Mom texts: “Take the garbage out right now.”

6 Classmate Texts: “We need to talk.”

7 Continued 3. Time of Delivery: Make sure the listener is interested and paying attention. Example: Make sure the person is looking at you and is not busy doing something else.

8 Ways to Improve Verbal Communication
1. Think before you speak – is there better way to say it? Offensive? *Are you sick? You don’t look like you feel so good.” 2. Expressing a positive attitude *FIND THE GOOD 3. Consider the receiver’s needs *Is there a sensitive subject that should not be brought up? *Word choice (boss vs. friend?)

9 Continued 4. Speak clearly * enunciate, even pace
5. Give and take in a conversation * ask questions 6. Make sure your listener understands you. * look for nodding, feedback 7. Be Specific!

10 Start a Conversation ACTION: 2 Volunteers

What situations will you be where you will have to meet new people? Hints: Ask open-ended questions Respond to what is said with comments or more questions Look like someone you would enjoy talking to by smiling, being enthusiastic and positive. Watch self-disclosure

12 NON-VERBAL Communication
Definition: Uses factors other than words to send messages. Example: Eye contact, gestures, facial expressions, body movements

13 1. APPEARARANCE People form first impression by the way you look.
Dress for the occasion and to enhance your features. ACTIVITY: Find an outfit for the following: Black tie event Sports game School Casual attire Interview

14 APPERANCE Continued Hair should be cut and shaped
Hands should be cleaned and nails trimmed Posture – square shoulders, lift chin; DON’T SLUMP Take care of your clothes

15 BODY LANGUAGE Def: Revealing inner feelings through gestures
What message Am I sending? Drumming fingers Handshake Smiling Turning away Nodding Hands on Hips Pointing Arms Crossed Head on desk Hand holding head ACTIVITY: You try….let’s play charades!

16 Sit up straight…what message are you sending?
Eye rolling…who rolls their eyes? Message? Sighing….what message? Looking at the clock when someone is talking…. Are you aware of the messages you are sending to your teachers, classmates, etc. right now?

17 Facial Expressions Movement of mouth, eyes, nose – sends a message
What message am I conveying? Eye contact: expose your true feelings; breaking eye contact might signal the end of a conversation

18 The way you present yourself…
What do the following say about you? Gossip? Talking loudly so everyone can hear? Hitting people? Crying all of the time? Drama? Fighting? Offensive language?

19 Hot Topic: Technology How does advances in technology affect our relationships? Is it positive or negative? How do websites like MySpace and Facebook affect our relationships with others? How can we successfully use technology to communicate verbally?

20 ACTIVITY Fold a piece of paper in half the “Hot Dog Way.”
On the top of the first column write “Action” and on the top of the second column write “Message.” Anytime that you understand what is being communicated, write down what was done and what the message was that was sent. I came up with 23 things. See if you can beat me.

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