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UnWholly Neal Shusterman August 28,2012 Science- Fiction

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1 UnWholly Neal Shusterman August 28,2012 Science- Fiction
Lauren R 1st Period

2 Setting Starkey’s home is important because you can see that his family cares about him. If it was different you will not see how his family cares about him. Outside the jail house is important because how he gets angry and he cares when he killed someone. If the setting was different it will not make sense to the book.

3 Characters Character Physical Characteristics
Adjectives of Personality Text Evidence /Explanation of Adjectives Character 1 Starkey 1. Boy 1. mean 1. If he doesn’t get his way. years old 2. selfish 2. He left his friend at the scene of the crime. 3. Aka storker 3. villain 3. He kills other unwinds. Character 2 Conner 1. Boy 1. cares 1. He cares about the other unwinds and bonds with them. 2. 17 years old 2. leader 2. He leads all the unwinds and runs the graveyard. 3. Shark tattoo on his arm. 3. dignified 3. He kids around but when its serious he is serious.

4 Conflict This conflict is man v society because Starkey was going to be unwind. Starkey is trying to escaped the juvey cop because they took Starkey to get unwind. The U.S voted to have kids at the age of 0-17, that’s when they can get unwind.

5 Summary of Plot When the juvey-cops come to Starkey’s house to pick him up to unwind. Starkey is running away from the juvey-cops so he can’t get unwind. Starkey is taken to a safe house then transported to the graveyard. At the graveyard he forms a stork club. Starkey ends up leaving the graveyard trying to save the storks. But accidentally kills them. Starkey gets arrested by Conner. FBI starts investigating the killings and the FBI thinks the entire graveyard is doing this.

6 Theme Confusion will just leave you in a hole.
Text Evidence 1: When he killed the cop he had no were to go. page 16. Text Evidence 2: When he tried to save the storks but didn’t and he wanted to. page 267 Text Evidence 3: When he tried to get in the plane he used the girl not get hit. page 347

7 Point of View The first person is the point of view of the book. First person you will be able to see Starkey's feelings and thoughts. If the author chosen 3nd person limited, you will not see Starkey’s thoughts and feelings.

8 Symbolism There was no symbolism but if there was. It would mess up the book. He would have to rewrite the book to make it sound good.

9 Recommendation If you like reading science fiction. You will love this book. The chapters are only on one character then the next chapter is a other character. His writing is so great were you don’t have to read the first book. That’s why I recommend this book and it is worth it to reading this.

10 Where I found my picture

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