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7-Sep-15 Physics 1 (Garcia) SJSU Conceptual Physics (Physics 1) Prof. Alejandro Garcia Spring 2007.

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1 7-Sep-15 Physics 1 (Garcia) SJSU Conceptual Physics (Physics 1) Prof. Alejandro Garcia Spring 2007

2 7-Sep-15 Physics 1 (Garcia) SJSU Contact Info Office:Science Bldg. Room 245 Office Phone: (408) 924-5244 Office Hours: Mondays, 4:30-5:30pm Wednesdays, 9:30-10:30am, 4:30-5:30pm and also available by appointment. Course website:

3 7-Sep-15 Physics 1 (Garcia) SJSU Course Overview This course will introduce you to some of the fundamental ideas in physics. The emphasis will be on the concepts of physics keeping the math to a minimum. We’ll cover a broad range of physics topics including: mechanics, waves & sound, light & optics, thermodynamics, electricity, and magnetism

4 7-Sep-15 Physics 1 (Garcia) SJSU Music Different levels of music education, Enjoy music Know music artists, albums, etc. Play a musical instrument Read music & play See the notes when you hear music You’re starting here This class will take you here Bachelors in Physics Doctorate in Physics For Physics:

5 7-Sep-15 Physics 1 (Garcia) SJSU Required Textbook Paul Hewitt Conceptual Physics (10 th or 9 th Edition) No other books or workbooks are needed. 9 th Edition 10 th Edition

6 7-Sep-15 Physics 1 (Garcia) SJSU Grades Homework (20%) Quizzes & Participation (10%) Midterms (20%,15%,15%) Final Exam (20%)

7 7-Sep-15 Physics 1 (Garcia) SJSU Homework Homework will be assigned and collected each class period. No Late Homework. Late homework cannot be accepted since solutions presented soon after collected. May skip three homeworks without penalty. The solutions will be posted, both on a bulleting board in the hallway and as PDF files on the course web site.

8 7-Sep-15 Physics 1 (Garcia) SJSU Special “Homework” Assignment Go to course website Find homework webpage. Download and print sample homework solution. Turn it in Monday, Jan. 29 th

9 7-Sep-15 Physics 1 (Garcia) SJSU Quizzes Short quiz during each class. Before class, read the chapter for that day. Quiz will be simple question from chapter. Chapter to read for next Tuesday: Newton’s First Law of Motion (Chap. 2) Quiz question will be: “What is Newton’s First Law of Motion?”

10 7-Sep-15 Physics 1 (Garcia) SJSU Class Participation Often during lecture I’ll ask questions. Raise your hand if you’d like to answer. Participation is what counts, not whether or not you answer the question correctly. You’re expected to participate at least few times during the semester. Participation counts towards quizzes.

11 7-Sep-15 Physics 1 (Garcia) SJSU Midterms Midterms will consist of questions, exercises, and problems similar (sometimes identical) to homework. Final exam similar to midterms. A week before the first midterm I’ll tell you more about the test. Your best midterm counts 20% of your course grade; the other two count 15%.

12 7-Sep-15 Physics 1 (Garcia) SJSU Attendance Will not be taking attendance. However… –You are responsible for all the material discussed in class. –No make-up quizzes (can miss three quizzes with no penalty). –If you don’t attend, you can’t participate

13 7-Sep-15 Physics 1 (Garcia) SJSU Physics 1 Lab Physics 1L is a one-unit laboratory course associated with Physics 1. Not required unless you need a lower- division science lab for your major. Can take the lecture and lab in different semesters (but not recommended).

14 7-Sep-15 Physics 1 (Garcia) SJSU Cheating Don’t.

15 7-Sep-15 Physics 1 (Garcia) SJSU Sections Teaching both the 1:30pm and 3pm sections of Physics 1. Please attend the section to which you are registered. Contact me before class if you need to attend the alternate section.

16 7-Sep-15 Physics 1 (Garcia) SJSU Demos Frequent demos to illustrate concepts. Welcome volunteers Safety comes first No magic tricks, just physics

17 7-Sep-15 Physics 1 (Garcia) SJSU Demo: Vampire Stake

18 7-Sep-15 Physics 1 (Garcia) SJSU Next Lecture Chapter 2 Newton’s First Law of Motion By Monday: Get the textbook Read Chapter 2 before class Visit the course website Download & print sample homework solution

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