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Major Progressive Programs

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1 Major Progressive Programs
The Progressive Era Major Progressive Programs

2 Education Progressives believed that more access to education for all people would create an enlightened population Pushed for expansion of public education system

3 Education John Dewey Women began attending college in large numbers
Wanted to reform the education system More emphasis on experience rather then memorization of facts Women began attending college in large numbers

4 Social Work Settlement Houses
Created by Jane Addams Group homes in city slums that helped poor urban residents Promoted public health reform in cities Chlorinating water supplies Tighten sanitary regulations Created public health clinics and dispensers

5 Racial Anti-Discrimination Efforts
Booker T. Washington Believed that African-Americans would achieve equality through education and economic power Pushed the idea that African-American community had to help itself rather then expect white society to help

6 Racial Anti-Discrimination Efforts
W.E.B Dubois Urged African-American community to fight for economic and political equality Founded NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

7 Women’s Rights Seneca Falls Convention (Seneca Falls, NY. 1848)
Birthplace of the Women’s Suffrage movement Suffrage- refers to the right to vote; self determination


9 Susan B. Anthony & Elizabeth C. Stanton
Women’s Rights Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, Lucretia Mott fought for women’s suffrage and an end of laws which discriminated against women Susan B. Anthony & Elizabeth C. Stanton

10 Women’s Suffrage Nineteenth Amendment (1920)- gave women the right to vote


12 Important Events in the Struggle for Women’s Rights

13 Child Labor Laws Most states passed laws banning child labor
prohibited children from working more then 10hrs day minimum work ages Enforcement of laws was difficult

14 Temperance Movement Women’s Christian Temperance Union
Fought alcohol use on state level through blue laws 18th amendment (1919) banned the manufacture, sale, and Transportation of alcohol in the United States was eventually repealed

15 John Muir and Teddy Roosevelt
Environment Conservationists wanted the government to supervise the nation’s resources and preserve land for future generations Supported by President Roosevelt John Muir was an influential conservationist John Muir and Teddy Roosevelt

16 John Muir Walked 1,000 miles from Indiana to Florida in 1864
John Muir moved to the Yosemite Valley in California in 1869 and worked to protect the valley from development Yosemite became one of the first national parks Started the Sierra Club 1892 Wrote a number of books advocating protecting wild places

17 Yosemite National Park

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