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Making your Business Mobile-Friendly Mark Kolb Global.TEL Technology Expert Knowledge Probe Inc.

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1 Making your Business Mobile-Friendly Mark Kolb Global.TEL Technology Expert Knowledge Probe Inc

2 Overview 1.Facts & Stats 2.Why Not Mobile 3.Mobile Look & Feel 4.New Technology 5.Benefits 6.Opportunities

3 Do you Know the Facts? How many businesses do not have a website How many York Region biz websites are not mobile-friendly How many consumers have poor mobile experiences How important is mobile for business What do mobile visitors want from a business website Why SMB websites haven’t gone mobile What new technology can help with business awareness ?

4 Some Statistics 67% of consumers search with smartphones 75% prefer mobile site 96% have encountered bad sites 74% will bypass websites that are not mobile Result: frustrated consumers go to competitors Mobile-friendly sites turn visitors into consumers 65% of Canadian businesses have a website Only 20% of Aurora SMB websites are mobile-friendly Sources: Google Sept 2012 Mobile Study, Private Study

5 Nomophobia The fear of being out of mobile contact Really? 66% of people on average 70% of women, 61% of men 18-24 (77%), 25-34 (68%) Smartphones are now indispensable More mobile consumers interacting with your website Is your business ready for mobile? Source: SecureEnvoy

6 US Mobile Shopping

7 UK Mobile Shopping

8 Look is Everything

9 Why Not Mobile? Most businesses are unaware that there is an issue “We already have a website” No experience to go mobile Too complicated to build a mobile site No time to look after website, let alone a mobile one Think it is too expensive Don’t know how to program or design

10 Mobile Website Benefits Easy to navigate No extra scrolling No frustrated consumers Increased phone calls with click to call Increased sales Accommodates increasing majority of web visitors

11 Mobile Principles Keep it Simple 5-7 seconds of attention to engage customer Who are you ? What are your products and services ? Where are you located ? What are your hours ? Got any Deals ? How do I contact you ?

12 Amazing Stats By 2014 there will be more mobile devices than people Mobile website boosts traffic by 85% 84% increase in new business activity 71% consumers use smartphones 96% of smartphone users shop for local deals 90% of mobile searches lead to action 50% of local searches result in sales 58% of moms lookup local store hours and locations Sources: Cicso, Kiss Metrics,, inMobi, Google, Hubspot, American Mom Report

13 New.TEL Technology W-W-W-W-W+How R/T Ad-like Page Mobile-Friendly Key Contact Info Products & Services Business Info Interactive Coupon Hours of Operation Social Media Links Image Gallery Video Map PDF (Menu etc) Desktop B/G image Copyright 2013 Knowledge Probe Inc.

14 Why.TEL? A.TEL site is like a one-page ad for any business Instantly mobile-friendly Patented domain technology Aggregates all social media and contact info Simple who-what-when-where-why-how for visitors Built-in interactive voucher for deals & offers Real-time marketing Easy to use by business owner (not IT expert) No hosting or programming Low cost $36/year

15 Deals & Coupons 66% of consumers recommend business based on local deals 53% of moms are attracted by online coupons Sources: Local Search Survey, American Mom Report 2012 On-line coupon are huge factor in increased sales TelNames has built-in coupon Shares instant deals and new offers Includes Apple PassBook technology Apple pushes coupon changes to connected shoppers

16 .TEL Benefits Low annual cost – all inclusive $15/year basic multipage site $36/year DIY No programming costs No hosting costs Desktop and Mobile all-in-one solution Free local network:, Repairs,

17 Aurora Business 2012 Aurora Business Retention Study Shows need to connect local business with residents 30% of business owners want help with websites 40% want help with networking and promotion Grassroots initiative: Discover Aurora

18 Interactive game site for Shop Local concept Based on TelNames.TEL websites Brings consumers to business in a fun way PLAY EXPLORE LEARN WIN

19 Further Information Mark Kolb, Aurora Knowledge Probe Inc. 416-726-4338

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