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Kinds of Communities.

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1 Kinds of Communities

2 Rural Communities A rural community is in the countryside where the towns are small and far apart. (Scott Foresman Communities, 2008)

3 Bridgewater, Virginia Geography Located on the North River
In Rockingham County Shenandoah Valley

4 Bridgewater, Virginia History Population Named in 1835 5,000 people
Work in nearby Harrisonburg or other communities

5 Bridgewater, Virginia Activities
4H Club talks about farm and community issues Scouting Little League Website:

6 4-H Pledge I pledge My Head to clearer thinking,
My Heart to greater loyalty, My Hands to larger service, and My Health to better living, for My Club, my Community, my Country, and my World

7 Suburban Communities A suburban community is a community that is located near a large city.

8 Levittown, New York Located on Long Island in New York State
Close to New York City Many people work in the city


10 Levittown, New York Entertainment Parks Beaches
Eisenhower park has free concerts in the summer. Beaches Jones Beach State Park on the Atlantic Ocean

11 Homes of Levittown

12 Homes of Levittown Land was a potato farm.
People wanted safe and comfortable homes. Abraham Levitt created the community

13 Abraham Levitt Bought potato farm Built homes beginning in 1947
Family planned the community 1949- First homes up for sale 17,000 homes built


15 Community of Levittown
Includes parks, stores, and places of worship First called Island Trees Name changed to Levittown after Levitt family Many moved from New York City to Levittown

16 Spread of Suburbs Highways helped suburbs develop
Could get to work in the city and home easily

17 Biography: William Levitt
Son of Abraham Levitt Learned about construction Company: Levitt & Sons Workers did the same job on every house. House built in parts and then put together.

18 Biography: William Levitt
Inexpensive Soldiers and sailors could afford them after returning from WWII Close community Large and small families could live there. Everyone had TV and washing machine

19 Raise High the Roof Beams
Take a photo or find a picture of a building in your community. Decide what materials you need to make a model of the building (shoebox, paper, cardboard, glue). We will build our models of buildings in class.






25 Urban Communities An urban community is a community that is in a city.

26 City Population A city has the largest population.
Population means the number of people in an area.

27 Chicago’s Location Located on western shore of Lake Michigan
At the mouth of the Chicago River State of Illinois

28 Chicago’s Population More than 3 million people

29 Chicago’s History Jean Baptiste Pointe Du Sable Chicago named in 1837
French-African fur trader 1779 Settled the area Chicago named in 1837

30 Working in Chicago Work available in: Department stores Banks
Office buildings Sears Tower Tallest office building in the US

31 Transportation Carrying people or things from place to place
People use: Buses “El” (elevated train system) The Loop Named for the way the train loops through the area

32 Community Life Activities Watch boats sail on Lake Michigan
Go to beach Picnics Museums

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