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BI/ReportingFinancials System/Company Distributions Workflow.

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2 BI/ReportingFinancials System/Company Distributions Workflow

3 Financials Combined GP 2013 SP2 Display Checkbook ID on Cash Receipts Inquiry Customer Combiner & Modifier Vendor Combiner & Modifier Payables Void Enhancements Reconcile Checkbook without Marking Transaction AA Finance Charge Assessment AA and Sales Order deposits GP 2013 R2 Copy and Paste to GL Roll Down Account Segment Description Reverse Fiscal Year Reprint Outstanding Transactions Report Default Sort order for Payables Checks Payables Transaction Document Attach Default Asset ID from Fixed Asset Class Integrate Multi-currency Revaluation with AA Smartlist Designer 2015 General Ledger Batch Workflow Payables Batch Workflow Vendor Approval Workflow Receivables Batch Workflow Payables Warning when open Purchase Order Payment Terms Enhancements Fixes Assets Year End Close Report Edit E-mail for historical Statements and Payables Remittance

4 Fixed Assets Year End Close Report 2015

5 Smartlists – Display Debits before Credits 2015

6 Combine General Ledger Inquiry 2015

7 Intercompany Enhancements 2015

8 Payment Terms 2015

9 Auto Deposit Cash Receipts 2015

10 Distribution

11 Payables warning when Open PO 2015

12 Edit E-mail for Historical Documents 2015

13 Smartlist Designer (new with GP 2013 R2)

14 Smartlist Designer – Publish Excel Reports

15 Management Reporter – Options 2015



18 Send Messages to Users 2015

19 Take Company Offline 2015

20 Copy User Settings 2015

21 Workflow 2015 Financial GL Batch Approval Purchasing Payables Batch Approval Vendor Approval Sales Receivables Batch Approval Payroll Employee Skills Approval Direct Deposit Approval Employee Profile Approval W4 Approval Project Expense Report Approval 2013 R2 Purchasing Purchase Order Approval Purchase Requisition Approval Payroll Timecard Approval Project Timesheet Approval

22 Other Notable Features since GP 2013 Document Attachment Clear Unit Balances during Year End Close Open a Closed Fiscal Year 1096 Statement/Additional 1099 Boxes/Options Combine/Modify Customers and Vendors “Out-of-the-box” Dashboards


24 Q & A

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