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Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees (JMD)

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1 Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees (JMD)
Key Action 1 – Learning Mobility

2 Overview General information
Specific information on Joint Master Degrees Selection procedure Other important information

3 General information

4 General objectives European education and training
upgrading the skills and competences of graduates to increase their labour market relevance quality, efficiency and openness of European higher education international dimension of education and training up-skilling and re-skilling initiatives in the adult learning (lifelong learning) system transversal skills including digital skills, entrepreneurial skills and language skills learning opportunities by digital technologies tackling early-school leaving leadership of teachers via teacher education

5 Erasmus+ Key Action 1 Key Action 2 Key Action 3
Learning mobility of individuals Student and staff mobility Joint Master Degrees Key Action 2 Cooperation and innovation for good practices Strategic partnerships Partnerships between the world of work and education and training institutions IT Support Platforms Development, capacity building, regional integration, knowledge exchanges and modernisation processes. Key Action 3 Support for policy reform Knowledge collection and use Prospective initiatives Support to European policy tools Cooperation with international organisations Stakeholder dialogue, policy and programme promotion

6 Expected results of this type of funding
= contribute to the Europe 2020 and Education & Training 2020 strategies Quality improvement, innovation, excellence and internationalisation of the involved higher education institutions Quality and attractiveness if European Higher Education Area by offering full degree scholarships to the best Master students worldwide Supporting EU external actions in higher education Improving level of competencies and skills of Master graduates (labour market relevance)

7 Specific information on Joint Master Degrees

8 Joint Master Degrees in a nutshell
Joint Master Degrees are 60, 90 or 120 ECTS course programmes organised by a consortium of higher education institutions Focus is on award scholarships to excellent students worldwide involve guest lecturers for teaching, training and/or research purposes 1 preparatory year and 3 consecutive student intakes HEIs from min. 3 Programme countries Study in at least 2 Programme countries Funding for management and student scholarships: between and EUR for the whole grant Next deadline = 04 March 2015 noon

9 Current call EACEA Deadline call = March , 12h00 (Brussels time) Start granted projects = between 1 August and 31 October 2015 Calls launched and managed by EACEA 1-erasmus-mundus-joint-master-degrees_en Central funding

10 Eligible countries Erasmus+
Programme countries EU-28 (including Overseas Country and Territory depending on Denmark, France, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom ) Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway and Switzerland Turkey and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Rest of the world = Partner countries Partner countries neighbouring the EU Western Balkan Eastern Partnership countries South-Mediterranean countries Other partner countries Industrialised countries Africa, Carribean and Pacific Asia and Latin-America

11 Eligible participating organisations
Any public or private organisation At least full partner HEIs from three different Programme countries HEIs from Partner countries can not apply on behalf of a consortium All full partners need to be identified at the time of application Non-academic partners a research institute; a public body at local, regional or national level; a non-profit organisation association or NGO; Small, medium or large enterprise (including social enterprise)

12 Higher education institutions
Academic consortium members from Programme countries must hold an Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (check: KU Leuven = LA BE-E4AKA1-ECHE ) Academic consortium members from Partner countries: interinstitutional agreements

13 Venues JMD study period in at least 2 of the Programme Country partners Additional study (thesis preperation, placement or research) can take place in any Programme country in the consortium any Partner country in the consortium an associated partner (supervision!)

14 What is funded? (1/3) Joint Master Degree management
delivery of a 60, 90 or 120 ECTS programme with three consecutive cohorts of student intakes organised by and international consortium of HEIs guest lecturers are to be included for teaching, training and/or research purposes a lump sum covering the consortium management fees and a mandatory minimum number of teaching (staff mobility) Joint Master Degree Scholarships a lump sum for individual student scholarships covering the entire duration of the Joint Master Degree scholarship varies in accordance with the students' country of origin, the duration and the amount of tuition fees charged by the Joint Master Degree consortium, The scholarship will contribute to cover: travel costs, installation costs, subsistence costs, course fees and insurance costs

15 What is funded? (2/3) Joint Master Degree management
€ for the preparatory year € per intake

16 What is funded? (3/3) Joint Master Degree student scholarships
higher amounts must be covered by the participating organisations, never by the student Participation costs Max. €9000/year/scholar-ship from a partner country €4500/year/scholar-ship from a programme country Travel and installation costs €1000/year/scholarship holder resident of a Programme Country for travel costs €2000/year for travel costs + €1000 for installation < 4000 km from the coordinating HEI €3000/year for travel costs + €1000 for installation > 4000 km or more from the coordinating HEI except for study/research/placement/thesis preparation activities spent in their country of residence Subsistence costs € 1000/month for the entire duration of the JMD study programme (24 months maximum)

17 Important notes on scholarships!
No more than 3 canidates from the same country (with the same nationality) should be awarded a scholarship during the same intake Self-funded students should be approx. 25% of Erasmus+ grant holders Grant holders from previous Erasmus Mundus programme of JMD programme are not eligible Scholarship holders cannot transfer university credits prior to enrolment in JMD to reduce mandatory activities Cumulation of grants for JMD scholarships with Erasmus+ student or staff mobility grants is not allowed !

18 Selection procedure

19 Award criteria Are taken into account: proposals with min. 70% in total Relevance of the project Purpose of cooperation Sound needs analysis Contribution to European university excellence Employability in (non) academic sectors Sustainability beyond initial funding period Quality of project design and implementation Jointness Course details Support and information for students Management (timeline, organisation, tasks & responsibilities) Networking and integration of students Quality of the project team and the cooperation arrangements Configuration of consortium Commitment consortium partners Criteria and mechanisms for jointly managing Expertise of involved staff Impact and dissemination Methods of promotion and dissemination Internal evaluation Information on internal and external quality assurance Involvement of employers

20 Selection procedure Step 1 By independent academic experts
Focus on first award criterion (Relevance of the project) Pass or fail (= end of selection procedure) Step 2 Focus on three other award criteria Ranking of best proposals Step 3 Interview round Representatives of consortium and EC/EACEA/NA Final list of proposals

21 Selected Joint Master Degrees
Long term support to increase worldwide visibility and sustainability prospects Initial funding period = 4 tot 5 years with 3 consecutive student intakes Then, quality review for the best Joint Master Degrees If approved, then uptake in Joint Master Degrees Catalogue with additional funding for three student intakes

22 Analysis EC evaluations
Relevance of the project make reference to European policy papers, quality frameworks etc. enhance employability prospects by incorporating field experiences and internships indicate that the programme will be adaptable to the needs of the job market and societal change Quality of project design and implementation pay particular attention to the design of your website

23 Analysis EC evaluations
Quality of the project team and the cooperation arrangements explicitly mention previous cooperation between the partners make the best use of partner country expertise involve the professional sector in management, thesis evaluation, course content Indicate how you will make use of information obtained via the student survey expertise of visiting scholars should be used to the full extent external quality reviews

24 Analysis EC evaluations
Impact and dissemination devise a coherent communication strategy for recruitment provide an additional scholarship scheme if possible, e.g. external funding by industrial partners

25 Other important information

26 Things to agree upon before submission deadline
Type of degree (joint or multiple) and title Also check legal criteria (depending on national legislation) with Legal Dept. Tuition fee / budget Take the max. amounts for tuition as set by EC into account Check budget with Financial Dept. if needed

27 Things to discuss before submission deadline and during preparatory year
Administrative follow-up if the project is approved Recruitment of students and selection procedure Evaluation of students : joint evaluation system or use of credit transfer system Sustainability of the programme

28 To do before submission
Necessary internal checks University management Financial Legal Check internal deadlines KU Leuven deadlines : rking/intranet/ois/Erasmusplus/tijdstabel

29 More information Erasmus+ Programme Guide
Joint Master Degrees (p and Annex 2 p ) plus/discover/guide/index_en.htm Erasmus+ Funding Opportunities : information about all Erasmus+ calls for funding

30 For further questions : Elke Timmermans International Office elke
For further questions : Elke Timmermans International Office 016/

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