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Salford Draft Core Strategy Graham Gentry Head of Spatial Planning.

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1 Salford Draft Core Strategy Graham Gentry Head of Spatial Planning

2 What is the Core Strategy? A “Spatial” Plan –not just about making decisions on planning applications –should support, enable and guide investment decisions and regeneration activity Important part of the Local Development Framework Strategic in nature –a vision and spatial strategy for Salford’s development to 2027 –Identifies broad scale and location of new development –Does not allocate sites or provide detailed guidance Will help deliver the Sustainable Community Strategy

3 What stage are we at? October 2008: consulted on Issues and Options Report Responses received suggested: - No clear consensus for any of the four options - Communities generally preferred Options 1 and 2 - Developers/landowners preferred Option 3/4 April 2009: consulted on Alternative Options Developed Draft Core Strategy taking into account: responses to previous consultations, technical evidence and National/Regional Planning Policy

4 Your input into the Core Strategy This is critical - To ensure SCS priorities fully reflected in spatial planning policies To improve our understanding of social, economic, environmental and community issues which need to be addressed by planning policies To co-ordinate investment in the delivery of the infrastructure and understand issues in delivery An opportunity to share evidence and information

5 How does the Draft Core Strategy support the Sustainable Community Strategy themes?

6 A healthy city Supports provision of new and improved health facilities Promotes healthy lifestyles: –Emphasis on walking and cycling –Provision of accessible recreation opportunities Reduces contributors to poor health: –Improve housing quality and choice –Minimise opportunities for crime –Minimise risk / impact of flooding –Improvement in air quality – reduce emissions / green the environment Supports good mental health: –Reducing deprivation and creating jobs –Providing affordable housing & green infrastructure –Improving design / environmental quality

7 A safe city Requirement that all development is designed to minimise crime and fear of crime Mixed-use development in town centres & Regional Centre - ensures activity throughout the day/evening Emphasis on redeveloping brownfield sites - will bring vacant land/buildings back into use Proposals to reduce risk of flooding Recreation proposals to offer an alternative to antisocial behaviour

8 A learning and creative city Supports the improvement of education facilities Promotes a broad range of leisure and recreation opportunities Culture and art are key components of tourism strategy for Salford Quays and the Crescent Expansion of Innovation Park for knowledge based industry linked to the University of Salford Restoration of heritage assets, such as Ordsall Hall, Worsley Village and Bridgewater Canal

9 A city where children and young people are valued Improved quality of housing and an increased supply of affordable housing Improve education provision – support skills development Proposals for a range of employment opportunities across the city – offices and industry Recreation standards to ensure that children have safe and accessible play facilities Consulting with the youth council and using Facebook to engage young people in the Draft Core Strategy

10 An inclusive city Scale and range of new development will: –help meet diverse needs –Improve access to facilities All new development required to promote equality and community cohesion, and support local regeneration Requirement that new homes are as adaptable as possible and 10% to be wheelchair accessible Supports improvements in housing quality Proposals to improve town and local centres and increase range of recreation opportunities will ensure that residents have access to a good range of facilities Community Impact Assessment of the Draft Core Strategy being completed

11 An economically prosperous city Major employment proposals: –Large scale office development in regional centre/town centres –Flagship employment schemes - MediaCityUK and Port Salford –New industry and warehousing at Barton and Cutacre Improve quantity, quality and range of retail floorspace in town centres Supports rural economy by promoting farming and food production on Chat Moss Identifies/promotes tourism opportunities – Salford Quays, Bridgewater Canal Supports some development of City Airport Manchester Emphasis on improving infrastructure – transport, energy, water, flood prevention

12 A city that’s good to live in The Core Strategy as a whole should deliver this. Examples of how include: Increasing the supply and mix of housing and delivering more affordable homes Improving access to major employment opportunities – Regional Centre, Salford Quays, Barton, Cutacre Improving access to recreation and leisure opportunities such as a new Cutacre Country Park, Irwell River Park, Chat Moss Improving air quality by reducing the need to travel and increasing opportunities for walking and cycling Supporting investment in public transport infrastructure Expanding the city’s of green infrastructure network Mitigating the impacts of climate change Enhancing design quality and the public realm

13 Group questions Is the Draft Core Strategy doing enough to deliver the SCS vision and themes? How could it go further? Does your organisation hold any evidence/information that you think would be particularly useful to consider in developing the Core Strategy?

14 Next steps Closing date for comments 15 January 2010 July 2010: Council approval of Core Strategy August 2010: Publication of the Core Strategy Comments invited over 6 week period November 2010: Submission to Secretary of State Feb – March 2011: Public examination September 2011: Adoption

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