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Community Based Adaptation Nickey L. //Gaseb NC, Namibia.

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1 Community Based Adaptation Nickey L. //Gaseb NC, Namibia

2 2 CBA Preparatory Workshop Portfolio of existing community projects Current portfolio 56 Projects on portfolio and 33 under implementation Number of projects in different focal areas are: BD – 23 CC – 10 LD – 16 IW – 2 PoP – 0 MF - 5 Project Typologies Biodiversity – Human Wildlife Conflict reduction, Community-based ecotourism Land Degradation – Diversified Livelihoods initiatives, agroforesty and reforestation initiatives Climate Change – Renewable Energy and Energy efficiency projects, Appropriate Technology initiatives International Waters – River Basins Management initiatives Multi focal – Indigenous plant conservation,

3 3 CBA Preparatory Workshop Opportunities for building resilience to CC in GEB Potential project examples: Community-based Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency initiatives support (in the context of increased biomass use and deforestation Appropriate technology development and support Community-based agroforestry for desertification control and food security –(in the context of increasing climate-related aridity)

4 4 CBA Preparatory Workshop Opportunities for cash co-financing Potential co-financing sources: Key bilaterals such as USAID, SIDA and EU Namibia Nature Foundation, Desert Research Foundation, NEDBank via GO- Green Environment Ministry and UNDP CO Modalities for engaging co-financing partners Key meetings, Quarterly Stakeholder sessions Integrated planning UNDP CO initiated Project Coordinators forums

5 5 CBA Preparatory Workshop NSC Modification and Country Programme Development Additions to the National Steering Committee SGP Namibia need not to include additional expert from the Climate Change discipline. Climate Change is already represented via two or three expert. One of them from the local University Chemistry Department. National capacity with regard Climate change is visible in a very strong Climate Change Committee Strategies for Successfully engaging Potential Grantees CBA will be incorporated into the SGP Communications strategy that inter alia raise awareness of the SGP’s mission, activities and impact among key internal audience, partners and key external audience.

6 6 CBA Preparatory Workshop Strategies and Support for Project Development Support services for proposal development: SGP secretariat, NC, PA and UNV is capable to ensure quality proposals for the CBA as the proposal development process is supported from concept till funding committed by the NSC. A local counterpart to the UNV from Canada can be recruited. The SGP grantee Kit is developed in such a way that it simplifies the proposal development at local levels. This will be adjusted for CBA. Strategies for maximizing community-drivenness while ensuring proposal requirements – RADIO remain one of the strong communication medias in Namibia. It will be used in full for CBA. Advocate CBA and programme ownership to local people. Capacity building strategies for grantees Climate Change awareness Workshops will be organized with emphasize on CBA proposal development sessions to selected champions in the different target regions of Namibia. This was done with SGP proposal requirements. –Thematic workshops on Climate Change will be initiated in the initial period targeting local communities, CBOs and NGO in selected areas.

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