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Czech Development Education Strategy The Story so far… in the Czech Republic.

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1 Czech Development Education Strategy The Story so far… in the Czech Republic

2 A bit of history… MFA: - continuous support of stand-alone Development Education projects since 2003 (implemented by NGOs – focused on DE + awareness) - 2004 UNDP project „Implementation of Developmemt Education into the Czech Educational System “(People in Need NGO) - 2005 cooperation with the North South Center (small scale grants for NGOs) - 2005 cooperation with the GENE - 2008 GENE Peer Review on Development Education in the Czech Republic MEdu: - since 2003 cooperation with the MFA in the field of DE (mostly through appraisal and evaluation of DE projects implemented by NGOs) - 2007 new „framework educational programmes“ for Elementary & Secondary schools + cross-cutting issues in coherence with DE principles 7.9.2015

3 What we have taken into account… Maastricht Declaration on Global Education to 2015 (2002) Brussels Conference Final Recommendation on Public Awareness and Development Education (2005) Helsinki Conference Conclusions on Development Education (2006) European Consensus Document (2007) GENE PEER REVIEW (2008) 7.9.2015

4 Why we need our own National DE/GE Strategy… An Integrated Framework for different DE/GE activities is needed Clarification of Concepts and Approaches Proper timing – DE/GE Strategy elaboration linked with broader educational reforms in the CZ GENE recommendation 7.9.2015

5 Goals and Principles of the Process… Clarification of Terminology (DE, GE, GDE…) Coherence with other Educational Strategies Better coordination among different actors (both state and non-state) Dissemination of DE/GE principles among relevant stakeholders (teachers and other educationalists, civil servants, NGOs…) 7.9.2015

6 The linkage between Global Education / Development Education + Global Development Education (the term GDE is a compromise between opinion of experts on education and development practitioners…) Global Education Development Education Global Development Education 7.9.2015

7 Components of Global (Developmemt) Education (Czech context) MD = Maastricht Declaration CCI = Cross-cutting Issues (within the Czech Educational System) 7.9.2015 Development Education MD Education for a Democratic Citizenship CCI Multicultural Education MD + CCI Education for Sustainability MD Education for Peace and Conflict Prevention MD Environmental Education CCI Human Rights Education MD Education towards thinking in European and Global Contexts CCI

8 Structure of the Strategy A.Analytical Part I. GDE definition II. Linkage with relevant strategic documents (both national and international) III. Conceptual context and implications IV. Overall GDE Goals V. Main GDE topics VI. Main GDE principles VII. Target Groups VIII. Actors (both state and non-state) B.Strategical Part I. Main (overall) Goals of the Strategy (including implementation matters) II. Other (specific) Goals of the Strategy III. P-R and Publicity Issues IV. Financial Issues (allocation of resources) V. Monitoring and Evaluation 7.9.2015

9 Our Working Group 7.9.2015 Ministry of Foreign Affairs Mrs. Zuzana Hlavičková (Head of the Team, main author of the Strategy) Other institutions involved: Governmental:Research: Czech Development Agency Pedagogical Research Institute Ministry of Education National Institute for Further Education Ministry of Environment NGOs: Czech Forum for Development Cooperation FoRS (Development NGO platform) Czech Council of Children and Youth Academia: Pedagogical Faculty of the Charles University in Prague Palacky University Olomouc

10 Time frame… 7.9.2015 September 2009 – setting-up of the Working Group and its initial session September / October 2009 – definition of main goals and principles of the Strategy October / December 2009 – analysis and research of relevant documents November / December 2009 – further work on goals, targets, principles and overall concept of the Strategy (within the Working Group) December 2009 / February 2010 – drafting of the Strategy, continuous discussions on partial results January / March 2010 – further consultations and completion of the Strategy April 2010 – presentation of the Strategy and final consultations with the Working Group May 2010 – MEdu internal approval process started (will last 1-2 months) … and then the Czech Government Approval…

11 Lessons learned… 7.9.2015 The process is not over yet… Main lessons learned (so far…) Positive: -Dedicated and professional people (but quite a few in general…) -GDE Strategy could be quite easily linked with other „nationwide“ educational strategies and reforms (proper timing is important) -Strong support from NGOs and MFA (but mostly based on influential individuals…) Negative: -Small number of „informed“ actors (NGOs + few MFA/MEdu staff) -Low level of GDE issues knowledge among civil servants, teachers and general public -Administrative burdens (time & money issues)

12 Thank you… 7.9.2015 Mrs. Zuzana HlavičkováMr. Martin Náprstek Ministry of Foreign AffairsCzech Development Agency

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