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Developing leaders through service since 1925. Club officer training.

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1 Developing leaders through service since 1925. Club officer training

2 K E Y C L U B Club officer training K E Y C L U B Who we are Section 1

3 Kiwanis Kiwanis Kids-elementary school Builders Club- middle school Key Club-high school Key Leader-weekend leadership program Circle K (CKI)-university/college Aktion Club-adults with disabilities

4 History of Key Club Founded in 1925, in Sacramento, California at Sacramento High School The first club brought together key boys who served the school and worked to create better school spirit and environment, and that’s how Key Club got its name The club appropriately was dubbed Key Club.

5 Key Club mission and vision Vision: To develop competent, capable caring leaders through the vehicle of service. Mission: An international, student-led organization providing its members with opportunities to perform service, build character and develop leadership.

6 Key Club Core Values Caring Character building Inclusiveness Leadership

7 K E Y C L U B Our structure Club officer training Section 4

8 Key Club Structure Members Club board of directors Clubs Divisions 33 Districts District boards International Council: Board and Governors International Board of trustees

9 Student-led organization Key Club members decide how: Club functions Budget is administered Issues are addressed Young men and women lead the organization, from club to international level.

10 Membership in Key Club Almost 5,000 clubs Almost 245,000 members 30 countries

11 Club structure Members Club officers Club board of directors

12 International structure International board: President Vice president 11 trustees

13 Key Club dues International dues: US$6.50 District dues: average US$4.50-6.50, but won’t exceed International dues Club: average US$6.50 International and district dues are paid to Key Club International each fall. The membership update center is an online system for clubs to add and delete members. Advisors and officers work together to update members, print and invoice, and then mail the dues payment. Note: Later in training will focus on where does Key Club members dues goes to in the resources area.

14 K E Y C L U B Our service Club officer training Section 5

15 Selecting service projects 1. Survey your members. Everyone (not just officers) has a say. 2. Think before you serve. Determine your community’s needs. 3. Stop the same service. You don’t have to continue the same projects year after year.

16 Ways to serve 1. Club projects: Meet your local needs. 2. District projects: Clubs in a district work together to meet a need. 3. International projects: All Key Clubs unite to help children worldwide. 4. Kiwanis-family projects: Key Club work with other members of the Kiwanis family.

17 International projects The Major Emphasis Program: A service program to bring together all Key Club members to benefit children and make an international impact.

18 1. The Service Initiative 2. Service partnerships 3. Participation fulfilled when serving children by any means Major Emphasis Program Components

19 Key Club service partners UNICEF-stands for United Nation International Children’s Emergency Fund. It aims to rid the children of violence, abuse, and disease March of Dimes-helps to prevent birth defects and premature births Children’s Miracle Network-Network fundraises and sends that money to children’s hospital in order research and make sure that the hospitals have advanced technology

20 Key Club members are serving primary school children in three areas: 1.Improving grades 2.Giving back 3.Growing together Live to Learn focus

21 K E Y C L U B Programs we sponsor Club officer training Section 6

22 Key Club Week Celebrated each November. Objective: To promote Key Club and make Key Club a household name by seeking media coverage and other activities

23 Youth Opportunities Fund 50 cents of every member’s dues goes into this fund. Any active club may apply by the October deadline for service grants for US$200–$2000. Scholarships from this fund also are available to members.

24 Conferences District convention: Held annually in late February to late April International convention: Held annually in late June or early July

25 K E Y C L U B Managing your club Club officer training Section 8

26 1.Participate in hands-on service projects. 2.Enjoy fellowship with members. 3.Lead ceremonies and recognition. 4.Educate and develop members. 5.Conduct committee meetings. 6.Market and educate members about upcoming projects. 7.Review project successes or improvements. Top 7 things to do at meetings

27 Club communication On average people only remember: 10% of what they read 20% of what is heard 30% of what is seen 50% of what is seen and heard 70% of what is said 90% of what is said and done

28 K E Y C L U B Developing leaders through service since 1925. Club officer training

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