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The Harlem Renaissance

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1 The Harlem Renaissance

2 I. African American Voices in the 1920s
A. The Move from South to North 1. The Great Migration happened because Blacks moved to northern cities in search of jobs.

3 B. African American Goals
1. NAACP-Founded by W.E.B DuBois. 2. Crisis Magazine 3. James Weldon Johnson led the NAACP in fight for anti lynching laws. 4. Represented a more militant voice.



6 C. Marcus Garvey and the UNIA
1. Universal Negro Improvement Association 2. Led by Marcus Garvey 3. Wanted to create a separate black society. 4. Garvey encouraged blacks to move to Africa.



9 II. Harlem Renaissance in New York
A. Definition 1. The Harlem Renaissance was a literary and artistic movement celebrating African-American culture.

10 B. African American Writers
1. Claude McKay wrote militant verses urging African Americans to resist prejudice and discrimination and the pain of life in black ghettos. 2. Jean Toomer’s book Cane described life for blacks in both the North and South

11 3. Langston Hughes poems described the difficult lives of working class African Americans.
4. Zora Neale Hurston wrote about the lives of poor unschooled blacks and celebrated the values of a people who had survived slavery through their ingenuity and strength.





16 C. African American Performers
1. Paul Robeson was a dramatic actor who experienced great prejudice because of his color and the fact that he supported Communism and the Soviet Union. 2. Louis Armstrong joined Joe “King” Oliver and formed the Creole Jazz Band. 3. Armstrong became famous due to his outstanding rhythm and ability to improvise.

17 4. Duke Ellington led his ten piece orchestra at the Cotton Club.
5. One of America’s greatest composers. 6. “Moon Indigo” and “Sophisticated Lady” 7. Bessie Smith was the highest-paid black artist in the world. 8. World famous vocalist.


19 Paul Robeson as “Othello




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