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CSI, Inc. Providing technology solutions that drive business success.

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1 CSI, Inc. Providing technology solutions that drive business success.

2 About Us Our competency groups include:  e-Business  New Media  Business Intelligence  Wireless  Professional Services Experience - CSI was founded in 1990. Employee Based – More than 250 employees. Proven Track Record – Providing Enterprise solutions on budget & on time.

3 Industry Presence

4 Representative Client List  Bell Atlantic Mobile  Lucent Technologies  Merrill Lynch  Soros Fund Management  Bankers Trust  Morgan Stanley Dean Witter  Moviefone  Nikon USA  The Learning Studio  Schoolkids Online  Country Club Connections  Law Street  Infinity Card  Pfizer  Merck  Schering Plough  Jaquar  BMW  Volvo  Metlife  Prudential  Chase Bank  Summit Bank

5 Partnering for Success We have many partners, but are Vendor independent.

6 Strategic Solutions Across Practices  Technology Assessment  Business Needs Analysis  Prioritization & ROI  Product Selection/Infrastructure  Content/Data Architecture  Market Strategy Our Management Consulting Approach

7 E-Business Our e-Business practice builds successful web enabled solutions to business challenges through a process including:  Corporate Intranets  Extranets – Order Entry/Processing and Tracking  Wireless Interfacing  Education, Training, Collaborative Virtual Workspaces  strategic and architectural analysis  design and development engineering  integration and testing  deployment and monitoring

8 New Media CSI/New Media is the “Front-End” of our e-Business group. We initiate and deploy the strategic, creative and interactive solutions to our customers’ business challenges.  Brand Identity - identity development and design  Graphic Design - design, illustration, iconography, typography  Interface Design - application design and prototyping  Information Architecture - design of content layout & relationship  Usability Testing - focus group and usability testing  Character Animation - Classic character & motion animations  Strategic Media for the Internet - Doing Business on the Web: revenue program development, Internet alliances and partnering

9 Business Intelligence The Center for Data Warehousing (, leverages its extensive expertise in Data Warehousing, data mining and analysis tools. The Center for Data Warehousing creates solutions based on the particular needs of the client’s business environment. The Center’s services include:  Business Impact Analysis  Project Management  Process & Data Modeling  Data Transformation  Proof of Concept & Prototypes  Training & Education  Revenue Enhancement & Cost Justification Modeling  Rapid Implementation Methodology  Design, Development & Implementation  EDI for Warehousing  Tool Analysis, Benchmarking & Selection data

10 Incubeight CSI’s Incubeight division provides startup companies with development strategies and financial support necessary to quickly launch innovative products and services on the Internet. Incubeight’s executives actively assist our partners as CTO, COO and Board members.  CTO Services  COO Services  Business Strategy Consulting  Website application development and consulting  Website hosting, maintenance and replenishment  Real estate and infrastructure solutions  Venture Capital Support TM

11 CSI Development Methodology  Business and Technology Strategy congruence  Business Process  Technology inventory  Competitive and industry trends  ROI and prioritization Envisionment A strategic analysis of internal and external factors relating to our client’s current and future E-Business positioning. This process includes:

12 CSI Development Methodology Envisionment Development Process Architecting best of breed solutions  e-Analysis  e-Architecture  Create Detail Specifications  Application Design  User interface design/prototype  Application Development/Integration  Implementation  Testing

13 CSI Development Methodology Phases Envisionment Development Process e-Business Intelligence  Ad-Hoc Queries  Enterprise Reporting  Leveraging Enterprise Data  Visual Trending/Empowering Management

14 CSI Development Methodology Phases Envisionment Development Process e-Business Intelligence  Deployment  Production Support  Enhancements  Professional Services Growth Services

15 Solutions From Start to Finish

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