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Freshman Parent Night. Dr. Steve Loden Principal Welcome.

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1 Freshman Parent Night

2 Dr. Steve Loden Principal Welcome

3 Kristie Wood Introduction of Guidance

4 Dr. Dana Linzy 9 th Grade Guidance Counselor Overview of Guidance Options after High School Hope Scholarship GaCollege 411/GPA

5 Overview of Guidance Appointments Absence Notes Certificate of Attendance Agenda book Teacher Conferences

6 Traditional Options after High School Work Technical College Military Apprentice Program Proprietary schools College (2 years, 4 years and beyond)

7 Pay Attention Your GPA is calculated beginning your freshman year. So start working on it.

8 How Do I Qualify for HOPE? Be a legal Georgia resident Earn a diploma for the COLLEGE PREP (3.0 GPA) Be accepted at a GEORGIA postsecondary institution All Camden HS graduates who meet technical college admission criteria are eligible for the HOPE GRANT.

9 HOPE Guidelines HOPE GPA is based on Core classes (English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and World Language)

10 Academic Rigor requirements Beginning with the High School Graduating Class of 2015, a student meeting the requirements to be a HOPE Scholar at the time of high school graduation must receive credit in at least two of the courses from the Academic Rigor Coursework list below prior to graduating from high school.

11 Academic Rigor Coursework: Advanced math, such as Advanced Algebra and Trigonometry, Math 111 Advanced science, such as Chemistry, Physics, Biology 11 Advanced Placement/ International Baccalaureate courses in core subjects Advanced Foreign Language

12 Informative program for high school students Free, secure account used to track & manage: High school courses and grades Co-curricular & extracurricular activities Honors & awards SAT and other test scores Career Explorations Interest inventory College Choices

13 Bruce Ebbets 9 th Grade Counselor Semester System Graduation & Promotion Requirements Testing Programs

14 Semester System 83 Day grading period 4 classes daily for 100 minutes 4X4 Block System Each class passed earns 1.0 carnegie unit 4 units may be earned each semester, 8 per year Attendance requirements impact awarding of credits

15 Graduation & Promotion Requirements During four years of high school, students will take 32 courses during the school day for a possible of 32 units possible and 28 units to graduate Promotion: 9th to 10th grade 5 units 10th to 11th grade 12 units 11th to 12th grade 20 units

16 Testing PSAT – 10 th grade End of Course Tests – All grades Georgia High School Graduation Test – Writing – 11 th grade SAT and ACT COMPASS (college & technical college placement) GA Work Ready (seniors only)

17 Georgia High School Graduation Test Writing Test - Students’ first opportunity to take the GHSGT is in Fall of the 11th grade.

18 End of Course Test (EOCT) Math I Math II 9 th Grade Literature Physical Science The testing window for EOCT test is Dec 7 - 17, 2011 Biology U.S. History 11 th Grade Literature Economics Finals for other classes will be on 12/15 and 12/16

19 For beginning 2011freshman, students will be required to pass EOCT tests in order to graduate EOCT will count 20% of final grade for that subject EOCT Changes

20 Melanie Whittenburg Retention/Transition Specialist On Site Credit Recovery Course Extension PAWS Attendance Policy Continuous Grading Policy Accessing PowerSchool Pass Program

21 On Site Credit Recovery Each semester, we provide opportunities for students that have failed classes to take them in our On Site Credit Recovery program. We use specialized software called e2020 to provide a comprehensive learning program in this program and offer this opportunity to as many as 225 students each semester.

22 Course Extension In the Spring semester and in the summer students that fail an academic course with a 65 – 69 can bring their grade to a 70 by attending Course Extension Course Extension allows extra time (40- 50) hours for students to demonstrate mastery and to complete additional work.

23 Credit Redemption Each semester and in the summer students can re-take courses they have failed and some electives as “new” work in Credit Redemption. Credit Redemption uses a combination of computer-based and on-line instruction to allow students to demonstrated content mastery and receive credit for failed courses and some electives. Fee is $100.

24 PAWS (Planning for Academic & Work Success) Provides grade-level specific information that helps students plan for their future Advisors are teachers, counselors and administrators that work with a small group of students

25 Camden County High School Attendance and Make-Up Work Policy & Procedures 2010-2011 A valid written excuse must be turned in to the guidance department by 8:00 a.m. within 2 days of the last day of the absence. Students with seven or fewer excused absences from school or an individual class per semester will be permitted to make up any work missed during the absence. Following the seventh excused absence in a semester from school or an individual class, students will be able to make up missed assignments; however, the work may only be completed during Saturday school.

26 Any student who misses more than 7 days (ex, unx, OSS) during a given semester will be ineligible for participation in any extracurricular activities held during the remainder of the semester in which the absences took place. Camden County High School Attendance and Make- Up Work Policy & Procedures 2010-2011

27 Continuous Grading Policy CCHS is now on an 18 week grading period with ONE report card. Students will have 3 progress reports during the semester at approx 4 ½ weeks each.

28 Accessing PowerSchool Go to Click on the PowerSchool






34 Pass Program The Pass Program is designed to support and improve student achievement and learning. Through supervised remedial practice and skill development activities, students earn additional points on their final grade of the current grading period through classroom grade replacement or extra credit (up to five points maximum). Students will also be able to redo and/or complete assignments and test to a satisfactory grade.

35 Pass Program Offered three days a week Monday, Wednesday and Thursday in I-12, I-18 or I-13 Activity Bus available (leaves at 5:30) Forms for participating can be located on the Freshmen Academy website.

36 Rachel Baldwin Career Academy Specialist Career Academies Work Based Learning

37 10 – 12 Career Academies Business Academy Engineering and Industrial Academy Fine Arts Academy Health & Environmental Science Academy Government & Public Services Academy

38 ALL Students in ALL Academies Complete core curriculum 4 X 4 + 2 + 1 + 3 =23 (9 other choices) Pathways: Sequenced electives offered in their chosen academy (3 in a pathway) OR 3 levels [of the same] foreign language 5 academies, 14 CTAE, 25 Pathways

39 4 X 4 + 2 + 1 + 3 = 23 + 9 (32) 4 Math, Science, English, Social Studies 2 Foreign Language 1 Health and PE 3 sequenced electives in ONE pathway 9 OTHER choices (AP, WBL, dual enrollment, add another pathway) RECOMMEND AP FOR COLLEGE APPLICATION AT UGA, Ga TECH, GS, GSU, VSU

40 Work-Based Learning Opportunities for employment while in high school that links to future goals MUST complete a pathway PRIOR to enrollment in WBL Can earn up to 8 units in WBL Must meet academic, attendance and behavior goals for admission.

41 Steve Loden Closing remarks

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