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Resumes- Make em’ Sizzle!

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1 Resumes- Make em’ Sizzle!

2 What Makes A Good Resume?

3 RESUME Consider yourself a product
You are tying to sell your “product” to employers Package your product well show how much you are worth to their company

4 The interview gets the job, the resume gets you the interview!
WHAT IS A RESUME A resume is your calling card A resume highlights your experience, skills and accomplishments A resume motivates an employer to interview you. A resume communicates your value to an employer The interview gets the job, the resume gets you the interview!

5 CRITICAL CATEGORIES Contact information Career (Job) Objective/Statement Education Work Experience Volunteer Experience Skills and Abilities Activities Reference Statement

6 CONTACT INFORMATION Name (largest font) Address, City and State Telephone Number Cell Number Address You may want to open an account specifically for job search. Use appropriate language in the address. Using your name is appropriate. Example:

The objective is your marketing slogan-short powerful and descriptive Keep it short, clean, one powerful sentence Just as important as resume-take time to develop it well Should tell the reader what you will add to their company or do for them Seeking to utilize four years cashier experience, handling high volume cash flow

8 Sample Objectives Express your objective in a concise manner using as few words as necessary Use adjectives to describe your work style Dependable High School cashier Animated and hard working student who Vibrant and inventive high school student

9 EDUCATION State graduation date or anticipated graduation date.
If you attended more then one school list most recent education first. Do not list middle school GPA (if 3.0 or greater) Academic honors and relevant classes Ex: applying to receptionist position-list computer classes taken or planning to take

10 Work Experience Most recent employment first Include: Job title
Name of company and city/state Do not list address or telephone number Dates of employment (month/year) List duties performed/skills learned

11 VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE Use Volunteer Experience relevant to the job you are seeking List duties performed/skills learned Example: Vet Tech applicant who volunteered for an animal shelter Example: management applicant who was president of his class or school group

12 SKILLS & ABILITIES Describes accomplishments/skills acquired through work, school, or other activities. Should be relevant to the job you are seeking. Tailor your resume to each job that you apply for to ensure your resume shows you have the skill the employer is seeking. Pick the skills out from the job description

13 Create your own sizzle sheet
Create “sizzle sheet” of skills and accomplishments Be specific with numbers where possible Start each sentence with a powerhouse word DO NOT EXAGGERATE OR LIE

14 Sizzle Sheet examples Skill 1: People Skill 2: Writing Skill 3: Speech
Read to, and play checkers with elderly at nursing home weekly Helped raise $680 for Students against Drunk Driving Average, but enthusiastic baseball team member Skill 2: Writing Wrote a 12-page paper Published in School newspaper Presented and wrote a 12 minute slide presentation Researched and wrote an extensive persuasive Research Paper receiving an “A” Skill 3: Speech Member of Debate club 3-years Received 1st place at Regional competition Delivered _____ number of speeches Sill 4: Computers Proficient in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook Type 60+WPM Repaired teachers broken computer Earned an “A” in all computer classes

15 RESUME FORMAT Chronological
Most people utilize this format. It follows your work history backward from your current job, listing employers, dates and job responsibilities.


17 Resume Format Functional
For someone who has held many jobs or has developed skills the Functional Format is more useful. A Functional resume is created without employment dates or company names. This format concentrates on skills and responsibilities


19 DO’S OF RESUME WRITING Format: One page-very important
Short phrases, not complete sentences Indented or bulleted statements Bolding, different size fonts Your name should be largest font on page

90% to 100% of content should relate to your objective Action verbs should maintain consistently intense Proofread for grammar and spelling (have someone with good grammar skills do this for you) Do not include hobbies unless they relate to your objective

21 RESUME DON’TS Don’t list references
Don’t list gender or personal information Don’t include salary information

22 Now Stand for Think on Your Feet

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