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1 © Copyright 2008 STI INNSBRUCK Daniel Pascual

2 What is it? is a contact website that helps you meet people around you. Available in 38 languages and 200 countries. (The latest addition is Malay, April 5 th ) 12 million monthly active users. Alexa ranking: 497 th worldwide.Alexa 2

3 History Created in April 2011 in Ghent, Belgium. Belongs to Massive Media, who also owns Netlog. December 2012, Massive Media was bought by Meetic for 18.9€ million. Currently has 104 employees. 3

4 What are users looking for? 4 AffairsLong Term Relationship

5 How does it work? You set up a profile for people to know about you. You are presented with the profiles of people around you who are compatible. You can like them or not like them. If there is a mutual like, you will both be informed and added to a mutual attraction list. You can use it for free, but some things can only be done with a premium account. 5

6 Profile 6

7 Discover people 7

8 Compatibility The page will offer show you people who it considers are compatible with you. It will consider your age, location, the answer to a series of questions you can fill out in your profile, as well as a few preferences you can fill out. Having a verified picture or a complete profile will make you more likely to be found by other people. 8

9 Profile picture 9 The profile picture must speak for you, so it has some restrictions. Only you can be in the photo Your face must be recognizable No explicit nudity No copyright violations Twoo gives you the option to verify your identity by taking a picture through your webcam

10 How do they make money? Website ads generate a Daily Revenue of $6,694 USD. You can buy Credits or upgrade to an Unlimited Account. Credits will allow you to boost your visibility. –1 credit 1,99€, 20 credits 19,99€. An Unlimited Account will let you see who visits your profile, view every profile, see who likes you and more advantages. –1 month 9,99€, 12 months 59,99€ 10

11 Apps Twoo offers desktop and browser applications for your computer, and phone applications for Android, IOS and Windows Phone. Desktop application sends you a notification when you receive a message, someone likes you, you get a visitor and so on. It is a intrusive and sometimes will malfunction. Android App is a little slow and offers the same functionalities but on your phone. 11

12 Problems If the website was mine, what would I do to improve it? When presented with a person from a different town, show the distance between that town and mine. If I am looking for a girl to have a relationship, don’t show me a married woman who wants to make friends, we might be compatible as people but we are not looking for the same thing. 12

13 Suspicious Profile Pictures 13

14 Mistery People 14

15 People Lying 15

16 Controversy Complaints where received by users about the Twoo spaming them and their contacts with emails without their consent. This will some scare people away since they might not want some people in their enviroment to know they are involved in this kind of site. However it might be the reason the website expanded so quickly and why it receives so many daily visits. 16

17 Conclusion It is for free, you can give it a try and you have nothing to lose. If you really depend on it you will end up buying a premium account, and then it is not free anymore. Possibly will work better in a big city where you have more users around you. 17

18 Questions? 18

19 References idUSnBw2bBsH6a+114+BSW20121221 idUSnBw2bBsH6a+114+BSW20121221 media-the-company-behind-netlog-and-badoo-rival-twoo-for-25m/ media-the-company-behind-netlog-and-badoo-rival-twoo-for-25m/ 19

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