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WELCOME. AGENDA  LCFF/LCAP Review  LCAP Process  Community Input/Findings  2014/15 LCAP  Plan Alignment- LEAP/LCAP/SPSA  Planning and Input.

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Presentation on theme: "WELCOME. AGENDA  LCFF/LCAP Review  LCAP Process  Community Input/Findings  2014/15 LCAP  Plan Alignment- LEAP/LCAP/SPSA  Planning and Input."— Presentation transcript:


2 AGENDA  LCFF/LCAP Review  LCAP Process  Community Input/Findings  2014/15 LCAP  Plan Alignment- LEAP/LCAP/SPSA  Planning and Input

3 “Our mission is to provide a safe and secure learning environment that promotes a rigorous curriculum and enables our students to develop the necessary academic, technical, and work- related skills of the 21st century. Every student who graduates will be prepared to pursue college or any career to which he/she aspires.”

4 LCFF/LCAP  Provides a base allocation per student,  Supplemental funding for at-risk students:  Low income  English Learner  Foster Youth

5 LCAP BASICS Assess Needs & Identify Assets Set Clear Long- and Short-Term Goals Align Goals and Spending Review LCAP Annually Year-Round Engagement Collaborate with stakeholders in your community to gather concrete input and identify and leverage local strengths Assess Need & Identify Assets Review data to identify the needs in your community, opportunities for impact and examples of existing improvements Set Actionable Goals Collaborate with your stakeholders to set actionable goals for your district that speak to the 8 state priority areas Align Your Spending Plan Demonstrate a clear connection between your budget allocations and your goals Review and Adjust Commit to creating meaningful space and time to review the previous year’s implementation and identify necessary adjustments for the upcoming year

6 LCAP PROCESS  Community Input  Data disaggregated by staff  DSLT Review  Ed Services Student Services Refinement  DELAC/DAC Review  Shared with Stakeholders  Public Hearing  Execution of plan

7 STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT  Conducted 2 open surveys  Held 10 Community Engagement Forums  Received 3,157 comments  From 451 Stakeholders  Performed 3 reviews  Presented at 11 public board meetings  Involved 11 different groups

8 LCAP INPUT THEMES  College and Career Readiness  Rigorous 21 st Century Curriculum  Safe and Positive School Climate  Build Stakeholder Relationships

9 COMMITMENT TO STUDENTS  Provide all students with gateway activities that ensure college and career-oriented academic experiences that foster necessary skills and knowledge for competitive success after high school.  Provide a 21 st Century, technology-rich learning environment that prepares all students to be successful and adaptive in an evolving digital world.  Provide students with an opportunity to be active participants in their learning, while engaged in a safe, secure, and supportive learning environment, surrounded by an approachable and accessible staff.

10 COMMITMENT TO STUDENTS  Provide students with an opportunity to develop strong interpersonal skills, and arming them with basic life skills, and aptitude to lead their lives in an ethical manner as contributing members of the community and society at large.  Provide a rigorous and relevant Common Core-based curriculum, and a broad array of course and program offerings delivered by appropriately credentialed teachers, which result in foundational readiness for post-secondary education and advanced technical careers.  Provide structures and support with clear, frequent and comprehensive communication for ongoing and engaging dialogue between the District and all stakeholders.

11 LCAP GOALS 1.Ensure that students are academically proficient and prepared for college and career ready. 2.Provide a 21 st Century learning environment and rigorous curriculum that allows students to have multiple experiences and opportunities for academic, collegiate, professional and personal growth. 3.Cultivate a safe and secure, positive school culture that supports all students’ personal and academic growth. 4.Communicate effectively with all stakeholders and continue to build relationships in the community that help to provide our students with innovative educational opportunities.

12 HIGHLIGHTS OF THE PLAN  Increase AP participation and passage rates  Increase Career Technical Education offerings  Increase technology access and student and staff proficiency  Develop early college awareness and goal setting  Increase parent and community outreach and involvement

13 HIGHLIGHTS OF THE PLAN  Increased focus on early CELDT testing and proper placement  Aggressive goals for moving students towards English proficiency  Aggressive measures to increase attendance and reduce student discipline.  Improve student achievement on standardized tests and literacy for all students  Supplemental services for targeted students  Focus on CTE and technology

14 ALIGNMENT OF GOALS LEAP 1.All students will reach high standards, at a minimum attaining proficiency or better in reading and mathematics, by 2013-2014. 2.All limited-English-proficient students will become proficient in English and reach high academic standards, at a minimum attaining proficiency or better in reading/language arts and mathematics. 3.By 2005-2006, all students will be taught by highly qualified teachers. 4.All students will be educated in learning environments that are safe, drug-free, and conducive to learning. 5.All students will graduate from high school. 8 State Priorities 1.Basic Services 2.Implementation of Common Core State Standards 3.Parent Involvement 4.Student Achievement 5.Student Engagement 6.School Climate 7.Course Access 8.Other Student Outcomes


16 PLANNING AND INPUT  Fall regional follow up meetings  Early Spring Community Site forums  DSLT review of input data  Revision of LCAP



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