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American College of Healthcare Executives ACHE Update Leadership Knowledge Relationships Marketability.

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1 American College of Healthcare Executives ACHE Update Leadership Knowledge Relationships Marketability

2 2 Vision The vision of the American College of Healthcare Executives is to be the premier professional society for healthcare leaders by providing exceptional value to our members.

3 3 Mission The mission of the American College of Healthcare Executives is to advance our members and healthcare management excellence through high ethical standards, pertinent knowledge, and a relevant credentialing program.

4 4 Values Integrity  We advocate and emulate high ethical conduct in all we do. Lifelong Learning  We recognize lifelong learning is essential to our ability to innovate and continually improve ourselves, our organizations, and our profession.

5 5 Values Leadership  We lead through example and mentoring, and recognize caring must be a cornerstone of our professional interactions. Diversity  We advocate inclusion and embrace the differences of those with whom we work and the communities we serve.

6 6 2004-2006 Strategic Plan Goal Areas  Membership  Knowledge  Career Advancement  Leadership Excellence  Resources

7 7 Membership To exceed our members’ expectations through enhancements to our credentialing program, support of chapter development, and other programmatic changes that add value

8 8 Increased the number of Members, Diplomates, and Fellows during 2004 by 5.2% Advanced 460 new Diplomates and159 Fellows Membership

9 9 Designated 80 independent chapters to better serve ACHE affiliates 96% of ACHE affiliates are in areas served by chapters Ongoing support for effective chapter structure and program delivery Membership

10 10 Will evaluate and develop recommendations to our current credentialing program in order to encourage more members to become credentialed Membership

11 11 Knowledge To provide our members with the information they need to execute their professional responsibilities exceptionally

12 12 Increased educational program attendance by 16 percent Sold 50,817 Health Administration Press books, the most ever in the press's history Enhanced knowledge transfer by collaborating with other professional societies, trade associations, academia, consultancies, and other entities that focus on educating healthcare executives Knowledge

13 13 Exceeded 1.8 million user sessions on, a 23% increase in 2004 compared to 2003. Added additional online resources, including:  Healthcare Executive  Management Resource Center Knowledge

14 14 The ACHE Congress on Healthcare Management continues to be the premier educational event for healthcare executives Knowledge Mark Your Calendar! March 27-30, 2006 Hyatt Regency Chicago Record breaking attendance in 2005

15 15 Expanding opportunities for senior executives  Congress on Healthcare Management CEO Roundtables and Seminars Physician Executive, CEO and COO Boot Camps  CEO Circle Forum  New programs CEO Learning Forums Senior Executive Institute Knowledge

16 16 Career Advancement To deliver programs, products, and services that advance professional excellence and attract future leaders to the profession

17 17 Served more than 1,100 affiliates in 2004 through our Healthcare Executive Career Resource Center Served affiliates in career transition through the Career Management Network Matched mentors and protégés through the Leadership Mentoring Network Career Advancement

18 18 Averaged 625 job postings per month in ACHE’s Job Bank, and more than 2,200 resumes appeared per month in ACHE’s Resume Bank Provided online career assessments for quick feedback about leadership traits and workplace relationships Career Advancement

19 19 Promoted, an ACHE web site to encourage young people to enter the field of healthcare management, to more than 10,000 high school counselors Career Advancement

20 20 Encouraging affiliates to serve as mentors or be protégés Promoting the value of board certification in advertisements in Trustee and Modern Healthcare Career Advancement

21 21 Strengthening executive search firm consultants’ understanding of the significance of the ACHE credential 43 firms appear in an ACHE ad, agreeing that “Your Board Certification in Healthcare Management Gives you an Edge” Career Advancement

22 22 Leadership Excellence To support our members in developing and maintaining the attributes of leadership excellence and educate key constituencies about their efforts

23 23 Regularly review and emphasize ACHE’s Code of Ethics to ensure it remains relevant Expanding ethics resources, providing an “ethics tool kit” on  Organizational Ethics Decision-Making Process Organizational Ethics Decision-Making Process  Code of Ethics Code of Ethics  Ethical Policy Statements Ethical Policy Statements  Ethics Self-Assessment Ethics Self-Assessment  Ethics Bibliography Ethics Bibliography Continuing ethics column in Healthcare Executive Leadership Excellence

24 24 Promoting diversity within the field through our own programs and our support of the Institute for Diversity in Health Management Leadership Excellence

25 25 Ongoing collaboration with other organizations and encouraging ACHE members to do the same to advance selected national healthcare policies Leadership Excellence

26 26 Raising awareness of ACHE among healthcare trustees and participating in trustee education through collaborative relationships with the Center for Healthcare Governance and the Governance Institute Leadership Excellence

27 27 Positioning ACHE as the expert on healthcare management issues (resulted in a 11% increase in major media placements in 2004) Continuing our image campaign to educate the public about the important role healthcare executives play in the healthcare continuum Leadership Excellence

28 28 Leadership Excellence Participating in the dissemination plans for a consistent set of leadership competencies developed with other members of the Healthcare Leadership Alliance*, the Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education, and the Association of University Programs in Health Administration. *American College of Physician Executives, American Organization of Nurse Executives, Healthcare Financial Management Association, Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, and Medical Group Management Association

29 29 Resources To provide the appropriate infrastructure, optimal allocation of resources, and other support that contribute to our ability to deliver exemplary service to our members

30 30 Continuing to diversify revenue, resulting in positive financial performance Continuing to provide ACHE staff with professional development opportunities that contribute to staff performance excellence and job satisfaction Resources

31 American College of Healthcare Executives ACHE Update Leadership Knowledge Relationships Marketability

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