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Welcome No.7 Middle School Class 2 Grade 7 Teacher: 龚萍.

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1 Welcome No.7 Middle School Class 2 Grade 7 Teacher: 龚萍

2 Fill in the blanks with “for”or “since” 1 、 She has been in Shanghai _______ six years. 2 、 We have worked here ________ 1993. 3 、 Betty has done her work _______ten minutes. 4 、 The film has been on _________ half an hour ago. 5 、 Our teacher has taught us English ________ one and a half years ago. 6 、 They have been away from Shanghai _________3 days. 7 、 Kitty has studied English _________ nine months. 8 、 I have been here ________ I was born. 9 、 She has taught Chinese ________ last week, 10 、 The red light has been on ________ 3 seconds. for since for since for since

3 festival Christmas carol Special song

4 Father Christmas (Santa Claus)

5 star bells lights Christmas presents Christmas tree exchange hang up

6 Christmas card

7 Turkey A popular Christmas meal

8 Christmas pudding

9 Jesus Christ Stocking believe 相信 a public holiday

10 Read the new words : 1.a special song 特殊的歌 2. Christmas carol 圣诞颂歌 3.decorate v. 装饰 4. exchange v. 交换 5. Jesus Christ 耶稣基督 6. public adj. 公众的 7. stocking n. 长统袜 8. hang up v. 挂起 9. turkey n. 火鸡 10.believe v. 相信 11.Christmas pudding 圣诞布丁

11 Complete the table: Doing things at ChristmasHow long? eat------(have eaten) turkey be------(has been) a popular meal for about 150 years since 1300 since 1650 For more than 300 years sing—(have sung) Christmas carols send-----(have sent ) Christmas cards

12 People have eaten turkey at Christmas since 1650. It has a popular Christmas meal for more than 300 years. People have sent Christmas cards to each other for about 150 years. People have sung special songs at Christmas since 1300. These songs are called Christmas carols. Read the sentences:

13 T or F questions: 1. Christmas Eve is on 25 December. 2. 24 December is Christmas Day. 3. People are busy decorating their cars on Christmas. 4. Some people sing Christmas carols. 5. Some parents hang up their stockings. 6. Children want their parents to put presents in their stockings. 7. Millions of people believe that Jesus Christ was born three thousand years ago on Christmas Day. 8. People usually give presents and don’t get presents on Christmas Day. 9. People eat turkey and Christmas dumplings on Christmas Day. 10. Boxing Day is on 26 December. 11. Boxing Day is a holiday for only children. 12. People usually spend Boxing Day with their family and friends. F F F T F F F F T T F T

14 Answer the questions according to the text : 1.Which day is Christmas Eve? 2.What are people busy doing ? 3.What do people sing? 4.What do children hang up and want Santa Claus to do? 5.Which day is Christmas Day? 6.What do millions of people believe? 7.What do people usually do on Christmas Day? 8.What do people eat on Christmas Day? 9. Which day is Boxing Day? 10. Who do people spend this day with? 24 December They are decorating their christmas trees They sing Christmas carols. Children hang up their stockings and want Santa Claus put presents in them. 25 December They believe Jesus Christ was born about two thousand years ago on Christmas Day. They usually exchange presents. They eat turkey and Christmas pudding. 26 December. They spend this day with their family and friends.

15 Read the passage and fill in the blanks with proper words: I like holidays. My favourite holiday is C_______. It’s ____December 25. On Christmas Eve,we usually have a party. We eat a big meal– t_____, Christmas p____ sandwiches and so on.We d_____our house with a Christmas tree. The t_____ is beautiful. We hang many things on it. After the Christmas dinner, we sit around the tree and sing Christmas c____. Everyone has a wonderful time. That night we go to bed very late.During the night, F_____ Christmas will come into our house. He will bring us children p______. He will put his presents in the s______ on our bedsides. We open our presents and e_______presents on Christmas morning. I love Father Christmas. I love his presents. hristmas on urkey udding ecorate ree arols ather resents tockings xchange

16 People Spend Spring Festival Key words: a public holiday be busy doing decorate— exchange ----- eat----- get spend ------

17 you better watch out, you better not cry better not pout, i'm telling you why santa claus is coming to town he's making a list and checking it twice gonna find out who's naughty and nice santa claus is coming to town he sees youwhen you're sleeping he knows when you're awake he knows if you've been bad or good so be good for goodness sake A song Santa Clause is coming to town

18 Homework: 1.Read the text fluently and try to recite it. 2. Make a dialogue about Christmas with your deskmates. 3. Write a composition about your favourite festival. 06.3.15


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