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2 BACKGROUND The school was experiencing at time when there were a significant number of students whose behaviour was extreme. There was a significant number of students who were funded as ‘Severe Behaviour’ and another large group who were equally as disruptive in class. The emphasis across the school had to be classroom management. The behavioural issues made it very challenging for teachers to focus on teaching and learning. There was little hope of improving student outcomes until the behaviour and welfare issues were improved. Leadership decided to investigate the use of Restorative Practices as a means of managing student behaviour. The embedding of Restorative practices did not happen overnight. However, as each year passed things improved. The ‘severe behaviour’ students moved through the school and teachers were able to focus on their core business. At this time Region allocated us a Numeracy Coach two days per week who was placed with the teachers in the middle school. Although not all of the teachers in that team responded positively to having a Coach teachers in other areas of the school were quite excited and sought out the coach for support and new ideas. We had an opening for a Leading Teacher and leadership decided to advertise this as a part-time Coaching position because we could see that many staff were interested and believed that all staff would benefit from this model. Region then allocated a Literacy Coach to the school – 3 days per fortnight. With our own Instructional Coach, and the Numeracy and Literacy Coaches every teacher was in some way benefitting from the coaching model. Historically, despite all our efforts we had struggled to meet like school benchmarks at NAPLAN/AIM. In 2009 our RNL informed us that we identified by Region as being at risk. We shared this information with staff. Some who had been at the school for a few years were shocked and felt threatened however as the two Principal Class members had previously been teachers in the school we were able to share the responsibility and everyone agreed we need to change the situation very quickly.

3 Leadership at Harrisfield Primary School is very explicit in defining goals and targets to staff so that they are aware of and understand the purpose of working together and how this would benefit student leaning and outcomes. Why are we successful in improving student outcomes?

4 How did we improve our PEDAGOGICAL practice ?

5 Developed and implemented ‘Expected Practices document which outline such expectations as: All work programs to be on server before staff left for the weekend Restorative practices must be used for student management All planners must have the same format Explicit Teaching-Leave Nothing to Chance! Teach until! EXPECTED PRACTICES DOCUMENT

6 Whole school professional learning plan focused on in- house professional learning rather than individual preferences All teachers experienced the same professional learning as a group at weekly PL meetings. Teachers are using the same explicit language and delivering a common approach. IMPLEMENTED EXTENSIVE PROFESSIONAL LEARNING

7 Teachers used data and were involved in a action research projects in the area of Mathematics. PROFESSIONAL LEARNING TEAMS

8 Planning documents use the same explicit language in the delivery of Numeracy and Literacy supported by the e5 Instructional Model and PoLT PLANNING

9 Coach taught, modelled and videoed teaching and learning in classes and debriefed with staff after each session. INSTRUCTIONAL COACH

10 Staff were employed to provide additional support in Literacy and Numeracy to students operating above and below expected levels. SUPPORT

11 Students made aware of the focus and skill for each lesson. Focus for each lesson is displayed in the classroom. Students are articulating what they are learning and how they are learning. EXPLICIT FOCUS AND SKILL

12 Introduction of a Walk-through program All teachers were both observed and had the opportunity to observe The focus for each walk-through was a PoLT component identified prior by the teacher being observed. Observers provided feed-back on what they saw and heard in relation to the identified focus only. WALK-THROUGH PROGRAM

13 Teachers use the e5 Instructional Model to reflect on their practice and engage students in high order thinking. INSTRUCTIONAL QUESTIONS

14 Expectation that weekly lessons plans focused on assessment ‘for, as and of ’ learning. Developing common assessment and common assessment implementation schedules and processes. ASSESSMENT

15 Allocate funding for each teacher to meet with Coach each term to: Set log and short term goals using the e5 model Verbalise which elements of their practice are successful and how they know they are fulfilling their pedagogical goals Discuss reflection journals Coaching Reflection

16 Teachers acknowledge the impact explicit planning and teaching has on students. Teachers have embraced coaching as they have seen the difference it has made to student learning and outcomes and their pedagogical understandings. HARRISFIELD STAFF


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