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IAG Event for WBLPs WELCOME Debby Miller Nina Taylor.

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1 IAG Event for WBLPs WELCOME Debby Miller Nina Taylor

2 By the end of the session you will: Have an overview of new teacher qualification reforms Understand the training requirements for your own organisation Know where training and support can be accessed Understand the process for applying to the Institute for Learning Know about support available to develop staff Have tools to support training and development planning

3 Employers are required to employ qualified staff (new to them), or to develop new staff within 24 months. Existing staff are not included but it is expected that in the interests of improving quality and professionalism, all will comply. DfES Success for All ‘Qualified workforce by 2010’. Reforms begin September 2007

4 ‘Public funded providers should have training and development plans for all staff with access to CPD activities, personalised to the needs of the individual.’

5 ‘Regulations will not produce retrospective requirements for teachers, tutors, trainers, lecturers and instructors already in the sector – for new staff only.’

6 New Teaching Qualification Requirements apply to all publicly funded providers and teachers delivering FE training through LSC funding. Do your staff need a full teaching qualification?

7 Yes - if they were employed as a teacher/trainer after Sept. 2001 No - if they were employed as a teacher/trainer before Sept. 2001. If they are part-qualified or unqualified you will be expected to access the APL/PRLS process to have your skills and experience formally recognised.

8 Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (PTLLS). A minimum Licence to Teach in LLS for all teachers, trainers and tutors. 30 hours. All new entrants to sector, with an element of teaching in their role should gain this. Then Cert. or Dip. according to role. Step 1

9 Work-based Learning Assessors New WBL assessors who are undertaking any teaching funded by public provision, will be required to undertake PTLLS. Until legislation is passed in August, it is not known if they have to undertake a further qualification. For existing staff it is unlikely that there will be a requirement to undertake extra training (unless they are teaching!) but it is hoped that the sector will adopt the quals as a standard and in this way trainers will be able to transfer their skills more easily from job to job.

10 Step 2 Certificate in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector (CTLLS) L3 or L4 for those who are Associate teachers – supported in teaching role, teaching from pre-prepared packs and materials, one-to-one, programmes confined to one particular level/subject/type of learner. Leads to ATLS (Associate Teacher Learning and Skills).

11 Step 3 Diploma in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector (DTLLS) L5 for those carrying out FULL teaching role – teaches fully and unsupported in all areas – curriculum design and development, assessment and delivery. Irrespective of how many hours teaching a week. Leads to qualified teacher of learning and Skills (QTLS).

12 Personal Skills: English, Maths and ICT Personal levels of Lit/Eng and Num/Maths and IT skills need to be appropriate level for the role being carried out. Level 2 skills minimum to enrol on a teacher training course, and to support learners within another subject. Level 3 skills minimum to access specialist Skills for Life training – through an entrance test.

13 NB!!! Also - Roles and qualifications are currently being aligned with the Learning and Development awards. Results of tariff process are now available from LLUK. Assessors and verifiers will still be covered by ENTO quals until new guidance is released by LLUK Sept. 07 Reference: (

14 Skills for Life/Key Skills Specialists If began teaching Lit/Num since Sept.2002, or ESOL since Sept.2003, need to gain the L4 Subject Specialist qualification. If began teaching before those dates have choice of L4 qual. or Professional Recognition Learning and Skills. All will need to be registered with IFL for CPD requirements.

15 Registration with Institute for Learning All those employed as teachers/trainers, regardless of date, must be registered with IFL to ensure monitoring of access to CPD. Will need renewing annually and must be done by March 08. Recognition of professional status are currently: associate, member and fellow. As of September membership is free and categories are changing Reference:

16 Who pays for the training/work associated with these reforms? DfES currently making plans for the £30 million that has been set aside for supporting reforms.

17 What support is out there now?... ESSU offers FREE quality visits to support this process Creative Routes – support with L4 subject specific training (ESSU support also available) L2 learner support certificate through ESSU Free L3 qualifications for vocational tutors through ESSU Free PRLS for generic and subject specific SfL (information to be launched soon) Free literacy and numeracy (see our website on

18 SfL Improvement Programme Support….. SfLIP offers a consultant to carry out a FREE TNA with organisations The consultant will then make recommendations. Some free training will be attached to the offer

19 CPD for All - Regulatory requirements To retain IfL licence teachers/trainers must undertake 30hrs of CPD a year, Individual is responsible for planning own CPD, with involvement from employers. CPD covers training, research, reading, personal reflection etc. Staff need to keep a portfolio.

20 Summary of recommendations All appropriate staff to plan for gaining teacher training quals or PRLS. All teaching staff to register with IFL. All staff to consider development of personal skills in English, maths and ICT – appropriate to role. Specialist SFL staff to plan for L4 Providers to plan for CPD for those who teach/support with development of SFL/KS

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