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United States Government and Constitution

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1 United States Government and Constitution
Chapter 9

2 A written form for government is called

3 A constitution

4 What was the purpose for writing the United States constitution?

5 To make a new form of government

6 Name three well-known symbols of America

7 Liberty Bell Statue of Liberty Seal on Money American Flag

8 What three main powers did the Articles of Confederation give Congress?

9 Declare war, make treaties with other nations, and print and borrow money

10 What three main powers did the Articles of Confederation not allow the government to do?

11 Regulate trade, set up army, raise money for taxes, force states to obey its laws

12 A federal system of government is…..

13 A government in which states share power with a central government.

14 What are the three branches of the government called?

15 Executive Legislative Judicial

16 What was the Great Compromise?

17 It divided Congress into the Senate and the House of Representatives

18 What is the main purpose of the Bill of Rights?

19 It protects a citizens freedom of speech and religion

20 Which branch of government is the president in charge of?

21 Executive

22 Which branch decides the meanings of the laws?

23 Judicial Branch

24 Which branch makes the laws?

25 Legislative branch

26 Which branch of government carries out the laws?

27 Executive Branch

28 What is another name for a law?

29 An ordinance

30 What is an inauguration?

31 A ceremony welcoming a new president.

32 What does ratify mean?

33 to accept

34 A ______is a government in which the people have the power to make political decisions.

35 democracy

36 What system lets each branch limit the power of the other two?

37 Checks and balances

38 What is it called when the President rejects a law made by Congress?

39 veto

40 Name two of the first ten amendments to the constitution.

41 Freedom of religion

42 Right to bear arms (guns)

43 You do not have to allow soldiers to live in your home

44 Police cannot search people or their homes without good reason

45 Right to a fair trial

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