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Theories of Deviance.

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1 Theories of Deviance

2 Cultural Transmission
Sociologist: Edwin Sutherland

3 Cultural Transmission
Deviance is learned, mainly from other deviants

4 Cultural Transmission
The more time one spends around deviant people, the more likely they are to become deviant

5 Cultural Transmission
“differential association” -- the amount of time one spends around deviants

6 Structural Strain Sociologist: Robert K. Merton Emile Durkeim

7 Structural Strain Every society has culturally defined “legitimate” goals

8 Structural Strain Every society has culturally defined “legitimate” means of achieving goals

9 Structural Strain Society places a high value on the goals, but some people lack access to the means (thus the strain)

10 Structural Strain Responses to this vary...

11 Structural Strain Means Goals

12 Control Theory Sociologist: Travis Hirschi Emile Durkheim

13 Control Theory Deviance is a natural occurrence

14 Control Theory Conformity is the result of social control

15 Control Theory The social bond: Attachment Commitment Involvement

16 Control Theory Summary -- people with strong social bonds will be less likely to commit deviance, and vice versa

17 Conflict Theory Karl Marx

18 Conflict Theory Competition and social inequality lead to deviance

19 Conflict Theory The “Haves” commit deviance to maintain their power and to alleviate boredom

20 Conflict Theory The “Have-nots” commit deviance to obtain power and due to low self-esteem

21 Labeling Theory Sociologists: Edwin Lemert & Howard Becker

22 Labeling Theory Differentiation appearance cultural
being caught and labeled “deviant”

23 Labeling Theory Primary deviance: minor deviance that everyone commits that does not result in being labeled

24 Labeling Theory Secondary deviance: deviance that results in being caught and labeled “deviant”

25 Labeling Theory “Career Deviance” -- “deviant” or some deviant label becomes one’s master status

26 Labeling Theory Summary: Everyone commits some acts of deviance

27 Labeling Theory Summary:
Once one is caught and labeled, their life changes, other opportunities are lost

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