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SCIENCE CLASS PLEASE GET OUT BINDER PAGE 5 (finished or unfinished) so we can go over it!!! (I want to begin class ASAP so you have time to work!

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1 SCIENCE CLASS PLEASE GET OUT BINDER PAGE 5 (finished or unfinished) so we can go over it!!! (I want to begin class ASAP so you have time to work!

2 SECTION: THE CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM 1.heart 2.blood vessel 3.blood vessels 4.cardiovascular system 5.The cardiovascular system helps maintain homeostasis by carrying nutrients to your cells, removing wastes from your cells, and by carrying hormones throughout the body. 6.B 7.A 8.B 9.B 10.A 11.C prevent blood from flowing backward 13.the valves 14.E 15.D 16.A 17.B 18.C 19.a capillary 20.veins 21.arteries 22.C 23.D 24.C 25.pulmonary 26.systemic 27.body 28.exercise 29.heart diseases 30.D 31.F 32.E 33.C 34.heart attack

3 SECTION: BLOOD 1.5 2.d blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, plasma 3.plasma 4.carry oxygen and nutrients through the body 5.oxygen you inhale 6.platelets 7.destroy pathogens and help clean wounds 8.viruses 9.antibodies 10.white blood cells 11.temperature 12.enlarge 13.B 14.when the ventricles contract 15.when the ventricles relax 16.heart and kidney 17.D 18.B 19.They react as if the antigens were pathogens. 20.D 21.lost blood


5 1. What is the lymphatic system? The primary function of the system is to collect extracellular fluid and return it to the blood.

6 Vessels of the Lymphatic System Lymph capillaries carry lymph into larger lymphatic vessels. Lymph drains into the large neck veins of the cardiovascular system.

7 OTHER PARTS OF THE LYMPHATIC SYSTEM Bone Marrow- the soft tissue inside of bones. Lymphocytes- type of white blood cell that helps to fight pathogens. Lymph Nodes- small bean shaped masses of tissue that remove pathogens and dead cells from the lymph.


9 LYMPH NODES and LYMPHOCYTES Lymph nodes contain lymphocytes Killer T-Cells- surround and destroy pathogens B-Cells- produce antibodies that attack pathogens White blood cells multiply when infections are in your body, the lymph nodes then fill with WBCs (white blood cells)- this is why your lymph nodes are swollen when you are sick.

10 THYMUS & SPLEEN The thymus produces T-cells that fight infections, it is located just above the heart. The spleen is the largest organ in the lymphatic system. The spleen produces, monitors, stores, and destroys red blood cells.

11 SPLEEN & TONSILS Materials in the spleen: Red pulp in the spleen removes unwanted material like defective red blood cells. White pulp helps to fight infections Tonsils- the lymphatic tissue in the nasal cavity, in the back of your mouth, about the size of an olive. Helps defend the body against infection.

12 TODAY IN CLASS… 1.Work on Binder Pg. 6– Lymphatic System and Respiratory System 2. Complete Human Body Systems Flip Book (Due TOMORROW!) Project Grade 3. Quiz on Tuesday 1/28 on the Human Body Systems we have covered.

13 NERVOUS SYSTEM ANSWERS… 1. the brain and spinal cord 2.all parts of the nervous system except the brain and spinal cord 3.P 4.C 5.C 6.P 7.neurons 8.impulses 9.B 10.C 11.A 12.axon terminal 13.receptors 14.motor neurons 15.A 16.sensory; motor 17.D 18.motor 19.S 20.A 21.A 22.S 23.A 24.the brain 25.I 26.V 27.cerebrum, cerebellum, medulla (any order) 28.cerebrum 29.left 30.cerebellum

14 ANSWERS CONTINUED… 31.medulla 32.vertebrae 33.neurons; axons 34.peripheral 35.brain 36.It may block all information to and from the brain. 37.wear a seat belt; use safety equipment

15 TODAY’S AGENDA 1.Research for your BODY SYSYEMS BOOK 2.You and your partner (if you have one) will be gathering information from the textbook. Use Chapters 22-25 3.PUT ANY INFORMATION THAT YOU GATHER INTO YOUR IAN– THIS WILL BE THE LAST THING WE DO IN YOUR IAN. 4.PLEASE REMEMBER TO BRING IN A NEW IAN FOR THE 3 rd MARKING PERIOD!!!

16 12/20 AGENDA 1.Checkpoint EXAM (This is like a CRCT, treat it as such!) 2. You need a PEN OR PENCIL to take the EXAM!!! 3. SIT QUIETLY AND WAIT FOR DIRECTIONS!!!

17 AFTER THE CHECKPOINT… 1.WORK ON YOUR BODY SYSTEMS BOOK– This is due Thursday and will be counted as a Mini- Project Grade!!! 2.Get your Book from Mrs. Rudick to begin working on your final copy. 3.Make sure you are working quietly and efficiently or you will be split up!! DON’T FORGET– HUMAN BODY SYSTEMS TEST TOMORROW 12/21!!!!

18 12/21 AGENDA!!!! 1.Input Checkpoint Part 2 into I-Respond. 2.TAKE HUMAN BODY SYSTEMS TEST– Put into I-Respond as well. 3.Work on HUMAN BODY BOOKS– Remember these are DUE TOMORROW at the end of class!!! PROJECTS NEED TO BE OUT OF MY ROOM TODAY, I HAVE TO HAVE MY ROOM CLEAR SO MY FLOORS CAN BE CLEANED OVER BREAK!!!

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