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Creating an Online Professional Presence Using Social Media.

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1 Creating an Online Professional Presence Using Social Media

2 How Do We Use Social Media? Social Networking Connect & stay connected with others Photo / Video sites Share personal interests, pictures, and videos Blogging Show what you know and what you can do

3 Common Social Media Tools Facebook Twitter LinkedIn YouTube Blogs

4 Creating an Online Professional Presence Why should you have an online presence? Let people find you Build community Communicate your key skills,and professional goals

5 What is Your Purpose?

6 How to Use Social Media Tools?

7 Where Do We Start? FIRST THING: Google yourself!!!!!


9 LinkedIn This is where you make business contacts Most important tool for your online professional presence

10 Benefits of LinkedIn “Advanced” People Search: Alumni, Clubs, Professional Groups Follow Companies Check Discussions, News, Jobs, Updates, Members Find out events others are attending Find out LinkedIn Groups

11 Winning LinkedIn Profile

12 Creating your LinkedIn Profile Tip: Visit LinkedIn at and follow the tutorial to learn aspects about the site and create an account Start with your education and work history (internships, volunteer) Display your information for others to find (linked in URL) Create a summary section, include specific keywords (e.g., specific technical skills, languages). Include a Professional Picture or Head Shot


14 Complete Your Online Presence

15 Learn about and follow companies Find helpful links Post comments, recommendations & thank-you’s Share what you’re doing Create Groups

16 Using Facebook Use the Info Page! (Public) Education Work Experience Summary Include Professional Contact Info (LinkedIn, website) Privacy Settings

17 Follow people you want to know Follow industry- specific information Connect & share

18 Using Twitter Know why you are on Twitter and speak to that topic Follow people you’re working with/interested in, build relationships Tweets should be professional, informative, match with your ‘purpose’ Use hashtags for information Keep active (post interesting articles – tweet and retweet!)…but not too much If just for fun, keep it private

19 Your Profile on Twitter One Line Bio, (utilize the personal tagline) Put the url of your blog, LinkedIn profile etc. Your picture Don’t follow people who might make you look less than professional Link Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIn Updates

20 Social Media Tools The key is access! (information, people) --- YOU need to create content and value Engage and connect Time and attention is required Doing the right things for the right reason is essential

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