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Review! Johnny Cash and The Beatles. Johnny Cash What State was Johnny Cash Born in? – Arkansas What was Johnny Cash’s original name? – J.R. Cash Why.

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1 Review! Johnny Cash and The Beatles

2 Johnny Cash What State was Johnny Cash Born in? – Arkansas What was Johnny Cash’s original name? – J.R. Cash Why did he change it to John R. Cash? – The Military did not accept initials as his name, so he adopted John R. as his legal name

3 Early Years When he was younger, J.R. and his family’s farm flooded on at least one occasion. What future Johnny Cash song was inspire by this? – “Five Feet High and Rising” What happened to his older brother, Jack? – He was killed by a table saw. Who originally taught Johnny Cash to play guitar and write songs? – His mother and a childhood friend

4 Early marriage What is the name of Johnny Cash’s first wife? – Vivian Liberto What happened early in their relationship (three weeks after they started dating) – Johnny was deployed to Germany for a three year tour How many daughters did they have? –4–4

5 After the Air Force In 1954, where did Johnny and Vivian move to? – Memphis, Tennessee Johnny eventually worked up the courage to visit what record studio? – Sun Records What happened the first time he played for Sam Phillips? – Johnny Cash played him a Gospel song and he was told that Gospel was unmarketable

6 The Music Takes Over! What were the names of his first recordings at Sun Records? – “Hey Porter” and “Cry, Cry, Cry” In the early 1960s, what family did Johnny Cash tour with? – The Carter Family (June Carter’s Tour) As his career was taking off in the early 1960s, what happened to Johnny Cash? – He started drinking heavily and became addicted to drugs

7 Making Changes After some trouble with the law and a suicide attempt, Johnny Cash did what in 1968? – He quit drugs Who helped him overcome his addictions? – June, Maybelle and Ezra Carter What did Johnny Cash do on February 22, 1968 at a concert at the London Gardens in Canada? – He asked June Carter to marry him

8 The Man in Black Why was Johnny Cash called “The Man in Black”? – He dressed all in black Why did he do this? – He wore black on behalf of the poor and hungry, and for the prisoner who has long paid for his crime. In keeping this image, where did Johnny Cash begin performing and doing live albums? – In prisons, specifically Folsom Prison

9 The Beatles What city did the Beatles originate from? – Liverpool, England What was the original name of the Beatles? – The Quarry Men Which one of the Beatles was the first member? – John Lennon

10 Getting the Band Together John Lennon met and brought in what bass player? – Paul McCartney What was different about how Paul played his bass? – He played the bass left handed The third member to join the band was what guitar player? – George Harrison

11 Getting a Record Deal What record studio did the Beatles audition for? – Parlophone Records Who was the producer that worked with the Beatles for the rest of their career? – George Martin What Beatle was brought in to replace Pete Best? – Ringo Starr

12 The USA What TV show did the Beatles premiere in the USA? – The Ed Sullivan Show What is the term that originated during the 1960s to describe the intense fan frenzy directed towards The Beatles? – Beatlemania What type of concert setting were the Beatles the first to try? – Stadium Concerts

13 Beatlemania! Where was one of the biggest Beatles concerts (in NY)? – Shea Stadium What comment did John Lennon make that set off a wave of Americans burning Beatles albums? – He said The Beatles were bigger than Jesus. Where was the Beatles last live performance? – Candlestick Park

14 New Music What year did The Beatles stop touring? – 1966 What type of music did the Beatles write after they stopped touring? – Psychedelic Rock What road were the Beatles famously shown crossing on one of their album covers? – Abby Road

15 Growing in the Music World What album did The Beatles create that portrayed them in colorful uniforms? – Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band The band traveled to what country to study meditation? – India What was the name of the record company the Beatles founded? – Apple Records

16 The End of an Era In 1969, The Beatles performed on top of what building? – On top of Apple Studio What album did they aim to complete before they announced their break up? – Let It Be What year did The Beatles break up? – 1970

17 All About John What type of protests did John Lennon do that upset the USA? – Anti war protests (Give Peace a Chance) Where did John Lennon get shot? – Outside his apartment complex in NYC What was the name of that building? – The Dakota

18 The Music Still Inspires What year was John Lennon shot? – 1980 What year did George Harrison die? – 2001 How did George die? – Cancer What was one of George’s dreams (that his wife had to complete for him)? – Having the Beatles music put to a Cirque Du Soleil show

19 What’s going on now What book has Paul McCartney listed as the most successful musician and contemporary songwriter? – The Guinness Book of World Records What is the name of the band that Ringo Starr plays in now? – All Starr Band

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