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Recitation Week #1 Chem 113.4 Queens College Spring 2010.

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1 Recitation Week #1 Chem 113.4 Queens College Spring 2010

2 Format for Recitation Very important component of General Chemistry is problem solving. Recitation = small group, focusing on additional help in problem solving. –End of chapter problems are assigned as on-line homework (WebAssign). –These problems test your understanding of the chapter concepts and demonstrate how concepts are used. –Problems prepare you for the exam. Exam questions will be similar. When you can do the problems you have mastered the chapter. If you are having difficulty you need to ask questions and get help. Recitation is one place to do that. You are expected to participate – not just listen Office hours are a second resource. Use them too!

3 Format for Recitation Student participation is critical. –Recitation is intended as an opportunity to get extra help. Everyone benefits – both student asking question and others. –Your responsibility: Identify problems that are difficult. Bring them to recitation. –Be prepared to explain where you got stuck. Not just “Can you work problem xx?” –Instructors will “encourage” participation if necessary. –Be prepared to work problems on board. Format –40 min discussion and problem solving –10-15 min quiz –You will have seen the material in lecture, worked on problems, and asked questions during the first 40 min. Recitation grade is about 10% of course grade –Each quiz = 10 points = performance + attendance –10 points = 2.5 pts (attendance/participation) + 7.5 pts (score on quiz problems)

4 Recitation Schedule Session and quiz will focus on a recently completed chapter but any questions of interest to students are also OK. Up to date schedule on Blackboard. Here’s a piece:

5 Lecture and Recitation Fit Together For example: Chapter 3 lectures are done 2/19 Recitation topic on 2/25

6 On-line Homework We will use WebAssign to do homework on-line. The problems on WebAssign come from the end of each chapter of Zumdahl and Zumdahl. You should have studied the chapter before you start the problems. Your responses are immediately scored to provide feedback. You will be allowed multiple attempts on each problem, usually 4. Formatting of your answer is important. The question will usually tell you how your answer should be entered. Follow directions!

7 Today’s Recitation Normal recitation format will start next week – chapter #1. There will be a quiz next week. The chemistry department is doing a study to help with curriculum development. They want to see how your performance on a simple diagnostic exam correlates with your performance at the end of the course. YOUR SCORE ON THIS EXAM HAS NO EFFECT ON YOUR GRADE OR ANYTHING ELSE. Your Quiz grade for today will be a 10 no matter what. Just for attending.

8 = Online Homework Institution = qc You will need a “class key” for enrollment. Class key = qc 9835 9781

9 Class Key You will need the class key to enroll. Class key is: qc 9835 9781 Once you have enrolled you no longer need the class key. Log-in requires your username and password (you set these up during enrollment). You will also need our institution, which is: qc Next few charts show how to enroll. All you really need is the class key – the rest is easy and pretty obvious. The class key identifies the correct class. Eventually you will need an access code. This access code came with your textbook. or if you bought a book without WebAssign you can purchase a code on the WebAssign site.

10 Institution = qc You will need a “class key” for enrollment. Class key is:qc 9835 9781 Click here to enroll You don’t have to pay for anything until 2/12/10 if you don’t have your code yet. There is a free “grace” period till then.

11 Enroll in WebAssign Fill in the class key (as shown). Hit Submit

12 Enroll in WebAssign You will see this page next. Confirm by hitting Yes.

13 Enroll in WebAssign You will see this page next. You will need to create a WebAssign account (most students). Confirm by hitting Continue. If you are repeating the course (from last semester) you already have an account and should use that one. Click the other spot, then Continue

14 Enroll in WebAssign You will see this page next. Complete all the required information. For your student number, use the last 4 digits of your qc student number. When done, click “CREATE MY ACCOUNT” way at the bottom.

15 Enroll in WebAssign You will see this page next. You are ready to Log-in. Try the practice exercize.

16 Log In Once you are enrolled you don’t need the class key thing anymore. Just enter your username, qc, and password as shown. Hit “LOG IN”

17 Home Sweet Home Our homework page looks like this (example is from fall semester): Do the practice exercise first. It doesn’t count. Soon, your first homework assignment will appear. The class is activated starting 1/29/10 (Friday)

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