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There are three types of specification

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1 There are three types of specification
Specifications There are three types of specification

2 Design Specification Create from the design brief after research has been carried out. Sets out the essential and desirable criteria for the design.

3 Product Specification
Drawn up once a decision has been made about which proposals to develop further. Identifies the materials and equipment needed to make the product in the prototype stage.

4 Manufacturing specification
Produced after the product has undergone final modifications Provides comprehensive materials and equipment lists Identifies all the tasks that need to be completed in sequence to manufacture the product.

5 Specification considerations
The following elements need to be considered when producing a specification: Form-what shape should the product be? Function-what does the product need to do? User requirements- what does the target market need/want? Performance requirements- what properties does the product need to do its job? Materials and components- what will the product be made from? Scales of production- how many do you need to produce? Budget- how much money is available for materials and production? Sustainability- how can the products impact on the environment be reduced?

6 Design Specification Your design specification will normally Be a list of bullet points Provide guidelines to help you focus your design ideas Include all the key points from the brief Take into account the findings of your research List all the essential criteria you must include in your designs Include desirable criteria you would like to include in your designs if possible

7 Copyright of designs In textiles and the fashion industries designs are sometimes copied. Copyright, patents and registered designs are just some ways in which a designer is protected. Relevant Acts of Parliament include Copyright Designs and patents Act 1988. Trade Marks Act 1994

8 The product specification
The product specification contains all the instructions and information needed to produce a prototype of the product. It needs to be very clear. Ask yourself-could someone else follow instructions ad make the prototype if they wanted to? The product specification is also used to calculate the final cost of the product, so the information must be accurate.

9 A product specification includes
A working drawing of the product in black and white showing front and back vie measurement details, exploded drawings, highlighting key details, details of seams, A written description including components and fabrics, quantities and amounts. Samples of fabrics, components and colours Sizing details of all different elements Appropriate user instructions and aftercare information.

10 Industry Specification
In industry the product and manufacturing specifications incorporate a..... Fabric specification –type, weight, colour, fastness, abrasion, resistance, feel/texture Garment specification- style, size, dimensions, colours, types of fabrics. Component specification- fastenings, interlining, zips, fastenings.

11 Manufacturing specification
The manufacturing specification is produced after the prototype has been made and incorporates any final adjustments or modifications. It provides a detailed set of guidelines including written instructions, diagrams and flow charts, that should enable the manufacturer to make the product exactly as the designer envisaged. A typical manufacturing specification might include A list of materials and components A list of tools and equipment Detailed plan of work as a flow chart Set time lines and guides for each stage of manufacture Appropriate quality control checks Details of the critical points in the making process A list of possible problems and solutions Correct pattern annotation.

12 Flow chart

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