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Foundation Phase Y Cyfnod Sylfaen By Joanne Ellison.

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1 Foundation Phase Y Cyfnod Sylfaen By Joanne Ellison

2 Introduction The Foundation Phase in Wales was piloted in 2006 in schools and by September 2011 all schools from nursery to year two had implemented the Foundation Phase, for children between 3 and 7 years of age. What are your thoughts on this?

3 England In England it is called the Foundation Stage and is only for children between the ages of three to five years old. Most text books only talk about this There are only six areas in England

4 Foundation Phase The Foundation Phase is a progressive framework that spans four years to meet the diverse needs of all children. The curriculum should be appropriate to their stage of learning rather than focus solely on age related outcomes Source WG framework for children’s learning 2006

5 Areas There are seven areas of the Foundation Phase Language Literacy & Communication Mathematics Development Knowledge & Understanding of the World Welsh Language skills Creative Development Physical Development (fine & gross motor skills) PSE (personal, social & emotional development) cultural diversity Outside areas and ICT should be holistic across all areas

6 Language, Literacy & Communication Skills develop through talking signing/communicating and listening Retell experience feelings and thoughts Opportunities to use ICT, books and different reading materials Enjoy mark making Be aware that there are other languages spoken

7 Mathematics Development Understand mathematics through oral, practical and play activities Applying mathematics in real life problems Limited work sheets should be used but developing mathematics through talking and practically instead Investigating problems

8 Knowledge & Understanding of the World Children should experience the familiar world thorough enquiry, investigating in both the indoor and outdoor environment. Increase their curiosity about past events Understand people, places living things using all their senses Learn through experimentation and their own ideas

9 Welsh Language Development Welsh Language should be progressively developed throughout the Foundation Phase Children should have use incidental Welsh Be exposed to the Welsh culture by different medium e.g. ICT interactive software, books, audio- visual material Welsh-medium schools support children in becoming bilingual in both English and Welsh

10 Creative Development Develop the children's imagination and creative across the curriculum Explore a wide range of stimuli to express their ideas Natural curiosity and sensory experience Expressive activity through art, craft, music, dance, movement and drama

11 Physical development (fine & gross motor skills) Helping them use their bodies effectively and confidently Understand spatial awareness Balance, control and coordination Fine motor skills development through small world equipment Manipulative skills Importance of diet, rest sleep and exercise

12 PSE (personal, social & emotional) well being and cultural diversity PSE is at the heart of the Foundation Phase. Children learn about themselves They develop their self esteem Their personal beliefs and moral values Positive attitude Independent thinkers Celebrating different cultures Self help skills

13 Activity In groups break down an activity that you have done this week into the seven areas of the Foundation Phase. e.g. Water play Play Dough Home Corner Outside play

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